Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over with Boredom

Been having quite the time with motivation lately....I have  All of this time on my hands and I don't feel like doing an-y-thing! Someone told me about a year ago, that I should NEVER be bored...I'm too young to be bored.

Okay. So....

I read (within a page)...I'm bored.

I listen to music...I'm bored.

I meditate...I'm bored.

I write...I'm bored.

I do Yoga and stretching...I'm bored.

I practice my guitar or Ukulele...I'm bored.

I get online...I'm bored.

I play games...I'm bored.

I TRY to be artistic....I get frustrated, then bored.

I go on a walk...I'm bored.

I eat...I get bored and don't want to finish my meal.

I turn on the tube to take away the I'm raunchily bored.

I try new things....bored.

I try old things....bored.

My dogs are sleeping...even they are bored.

It's windy outside...I'm bored.

I'm breathing...I'm bored.

Even taking pictures lately makes me dreadfully bored. you can see....I'm bored.

Where does this incessant boredom come from? And where is my motivation to change it?

Growing up my mom always used to say to me, "Life isn't always about fun, you can't just have fun ALL the time."

Well, why not dammit!?

Do I feel like I'm missing out on things, on stuff, on fun, on life...probably.

In our lifestyle, we have all of this freedom (on a pretty tight budget) so there is a LOT of down time. We are still working towards goals to make our budget a little bigger, but there still feels like something is missing.

On our biggest boring days, we find ourselves scouring the internet for bigger rigs...ooing & ahhing, giving us something to look forward to. Living in our van is great...for now, but some days, especially the super windy, cold & dreary days, it's exciting to think about what life would be like in something a little bigger. Something we could stand up in, to be able to put our pants on all the way...inside, to stand up and stretch...inside, to cook...on a table...standing up...inside. What a concept, huh! It's just nice to have something to look forward to.

I mean, right now it's like a dream to imagine this: Get out of bed in the morning, Jamie could sleep in, I'll walk the dogs, come back, put on a pot of coffee and start making breakfast. He gets out of bed, stands up...stretches and we sit down and have our morning rituals together. All of this is going on and we DON'T have to wait until the other one gets up, to make the bed to be able to roll the bed up together (NOT a one person job), so we can start doing anything at all!!!

The thought of moving about a space without having to get the bed out of the way....THIS is what excites me!

I love the fact that we have total teamwork living together in Joon van, but the days that we're NOT on the same page...well, let's just say I want to go back to bed, before the bed even gets deflated.

At least I'm blessed with a mate that can put a different spin on things, that I can talk to, that can make me laugh, that will put me on the back of the dirt bike and take me into town for something different to do. Who also lets me know that I'm not boredom or in life. Plus, he's SUPER fun to be with!

So, maybe (right now) we aren't having the time of our lives every second, of every minute of every day, but we have one another and if we can keep that in mind and keep on truckin' to follow those dreams, the fun will start to follow us around!

How do you get yourself out of a (looooong) motivational slump? Out of endless boredom? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

[caption id="attachment_5335" align="aligncenter" width="200"]boredom ...[/caption]

Here's to a less boring day and the motivation to change it!



  1. I'm never bored, in spite of the fact that I do a lot of nothing. All I have to do is think back to those years when it was all go! go! go!

    What about teaching those two smarty pants dogs some new tricks? There's tons of how to videos on you tube.

    Love you guys!!

  2. Thanks Cyndi. The dogs are about the only things that keep me busy these days, but they're so's boring...Just kidding! Savannah loves to hunt and knows just about every trick in the book and Chili aka the old lady, gets all weird when you do anything but try to hold her...past experiences of the war I guess (tee hee). She just wants to lay in the sun, or the shade...or the sun...all day she's back and forth. I'm sure I'll get out of this some point. Now where did I put that motivation??? Love ya Cyn

  3. Hahaha!!!Oh it's a motivational problem!!! I got nothing... as in no motivation, ever! "When the time is right," is my rationale.

  4. You are not the only one. The secret for me is. . . .GET MOVING. Going to all the effort of setting up camp and then. . . .THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! It's very frustrating!But, toys that make me move seem to work! Archery (use box or plastic milk jug as target) golf (yes, hitting balls in the desert and then looking for them is fun), hanging bird feeders of different kinds. And if we can feed feathered wildlife, why not others?
    Away from camp put apples with molasses on the ground. Put some kind of container, or build a small depression lined with plastic to hold water. Go back and check next day, if done for the night critters. Look for and identify tracks. Get an outdoor/wildlife camera with motion detecting shutter.
    Hunt rattlesnakes. Not to kill, but to observe and take pics. There is variety. There are "chaps" and leggings available for sale for protection. This is fun to do at night with high power flashlights.
    Get a powerful set of binoculars, or telescope and look at the stars. The sky is "mapped" and stars/galaxies are labeled in books. See what you can identify.
    If its windy, fly a kite. There is a huge variety.
    Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the ideas Jerry! Fun stuff!

  6. You're not the only one, though my problem tends to be the feeling there aren't enough hours in the day, especially when I'm in the middle of a big project, which is currently always.

    Then I get stuck and hung up on myself and don't know what to do.

    Usually I go geocaching or hunting for markers or for a motorcycle ride or on a quest for some chocolate cake (or, on one notable occasion, midnight salads at the McDonalds drive-thru).

    And sometimes I just lie there and drool.

  7. You're too much Linda! Thanks for even more options!! I like the salad run to McD's at Midnight!! Yum

  8. With just over 5 years of full timing behind us I know what you are talking about.

    Most of the days are varying degrees of great to good but some of them seem boring. The good ones are when we have something interesting to do. They tend to get boring when there is too much of nothing on our agenda.

    I used to think that part of heaven would be all the time on my hands to listen to music and read but realize now there is only so much of that you can stand at a time.

    As much as I can be lazy it helps to hike, bike, or take in some event or walk around the nearby town.

    We have volunteered a few times and as much as I hate to say it having a little bit of work to do breaks up the routine of not having to do anything. We worked a few months at a dam project for the Corp of Engineers, two months as camp hosts at a state park and 5 months at a private rv park. Of the last two jobs I can say that I used to be a people person but people ruined it for me.

    Good luck on your journey. Wish I had the do it yourself skills of Jamie

  9. We're just chuggin' along, one day at a time. We have dreams of more space so we're keeping at the "work" but you can only do so much of that as well. If this wind wasn't so brutal there would be a lot more outside time but with gusts between 45-60 mph (no joke) it seems like a better idea to stay in, meaning cabin fever is at its peak! We'll get through it, always do. Miss you guys, have fun talking to those seals!