Friday, October 19, 2012

All the livelong day

J' still had some grinding to do to get the rest of the torsion bar parts off and he just went to town on it until it was done...took him a good part of the morning. Now everything is completely off and ready for the new part, whenever it comes in.

[caption id="attachment_1687" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Big Bitch[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1689" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Right side= where it broke[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1686" align="aligncenter" width="225"] The man of the hour[/caption]

 I still wasn't feeling well today but I was feeling the joy of not having to be anywhere else to deal with it. So that was a plus on the day! I made us some burgers for lunch to get rid of the last of the meat before our ice was completely gone. I then made sure to dump my entire plate flat upside down onto the rocks...making Savannah a very happy dog! I was lucky enough to be able to save the burger somewhat so at least I got some food out of it. Like my friend Jim would say, "Those chips would just go straight to your hips anyway!" haha

[caption id="attachment_1690" align="aligncenter" width="300"] You're welcome Nana![/caption]

So you know how, back in Shaver Lake, we were having all of those problems with Yellow Jackets? (Well, if you're not caught up... we were having major problems with them...c'mon catch up!) We were so happy to not have one single Yellow Jacket around us out here. We did have a couple of flies here and there but nothing to bother you too much. All of a sudden in the past few days, these flies have been just as bad if not worse than the Yellow Jackets. See the Y.J's only came out when you were cooking, then they would leave. The flies....they are around all day long. Sure, they don't bite you but they sure do bug the hell out of ya! At this point in the afternoon, it got to be too much to take. After doing some research on easy ways to get rid of them, J' took a walk to the store to get some peroxide. Savannah & I hung out, I pulled the bed down...just not feeling well at all. She watched out the window for her daddy the entire time he was gone and I went back and forth watching for him as well as The Beverly Hillbillies...such a funny show! J' told me I'm a lot like Granny...she's funny as hell so I'll take that as a compliment, haha!

[caption id="attachment_1692" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I love our bed![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1691" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Such a stalker[/caption]

 J' was gone for a couple of hours. It actually started getting dark and he wasn't back yet, so I walked outside to see if I could see him...haha no luck! I can't even see him when it's bright outside, the desert just swallows you up! I went back in to get the flashlight and waved the light around hoping he would see his beacon of light! A couple of minutes went by, I turned it off...took a couple of pictures of the very cool moon and then tried again.

I waved the light back and forth, up and down and waited again. This time I heard my babaa' whistle at me, he sounded close but still pretty far away, I couldn't see him at all! I stood there with the light until he came into camp...all is better now. I can relax, Savannah can relax, he can sit down and relax and tomorrow (please forgive us) we're gonna get those flies!




  1. Really glad to see ya'll are able to get the van fixed.

  2. Thanks Joey...that post was for you!

  3. Hi to you 3. Please, please tell me the peroxide works. How did you use it? I am camped in the most perfect place out on the desert miles from anyone except "THE FLIES". This whole area is filled with them and they aaaallllll want to be in the van. I am feeling overwhelmed by them. I am even considering going back to Dome Rock. Well, that is not a big thing because I Love Dome Rock but this place is just perfect for Tony and I. Please, let us know if the peroxide works. Love and Hugs to you 3 from us 2.

  4. Hey Missy! Well with the peroxide we mixed it with water so 1/3 peroxide to the rest water. We just put it in a small spray bottle. We also bought some fly strips... ghetto I know but I KNOW you feel the "pain" (in the butt). We really were only able to use the spray for one day due to the winds really picking up here for the last couple of days... No flies when it's windy out! haha And we've been "trapped" in the van, so no flies are getting in (or out) The fly strips worked really well though, they are Black Flag Fly Paper, 4 rolls come in a box, just bought at Wal-mart. Although very sad, we could not take one more fly landing on our heads, faces, food, etc. It HAD to be done! We will try the peroxide again if it gets bad when the wind dies down. I hope this helps a little. Are you still where you were last time we spoke? Have fun and give Tony tons of kisses from his Auntie K! Love you

  5. Hi Kalani,

    Phew....I finally got through reading ALL of your blog posts. Yep I read them all from the beginning to today. You are toooo funny. I really enjoyed them all. I couldn't stop reading because you are doing something that I hope to do someday with my hubby Tony. I always tell him that I feel that it's something I NEED to do. I could absolutely see myself living like that. What I love the most is that we seem to have a lot in common. I love nature (trees, animals, the sky, the universe...) I also had a doggie that I lost many years ago that I basically grew up with. His name was Brownie, he was a poodle and I had him for 19 years. It was a very difficult time. Still feels like he's around. :-) Your Savanah Bug is adorable.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with me. I feel like I know you a little. I hope to someday be able to meet you guys on the road, as well as all the wonderful folks that you have had the opportunity to meet. They all seem like awesome people. My best to ALL of you. Stay safe and happy travels.

    Good luck Kalani to you and yours and I hope you feel well soon. Please give Savanah a smooch for me.

    Much respect,

  6. Martha!!!! Hi sweetie! So glad you can live vicariously thru us ...for now! It's something we talked and dreamed about for years before finally just making it happen. I think it's something you SHOULD do, especially if you feel you NEED to. That way you can see for yourself how it is. I know you read the whole blog, but the whole reason we did the Florida trip in January was to do a "test-run"...and to see if I could handle everything. I fell in love, so here we are a few months later. I know some people that have tried it and thought they were going to love it and hated it and then also the opposite way around. I truly hope that you get to do it, or at least maybe a 3-6 monther, something to get your feet wet, ya know! It would be totally rad to get to meet you guys somewhere along the way. Keep in touch and maybe we can make that happen! Much love and Peace to you and yours!
    Kalani & Tribe

  7. Kalani,

    Thanks so much for your advice. I will definitely keep in touch. I have a little blog going myself. Mostly about my hobby, <3 crocheting. Lol. I'm trying really hard to keep it going just so that I get the hang of the blogging thingy. It's kinda fun.

    I most certainly want to do a test run on this fantasy of mine...maybe set out to New York where I have family. Can't wait to try it.

    Well, have a fabulous night you guys.

    Hasta luego. :-)

  8. I love your blog by the way Martha!!!

  9. Thanks a million Kalani!!!! :-)

  10. Hey guys, A remedy for the flies and yellow jackets.Put 3 or 4 drops of lemon scented dish liquid soap on a saucer or plate and dilute it with about a 1/2 cup of water.It will attract them and when they drink the water,DEAD BUGS.I know this works because this is what I do myself. Good Luck.

  11. Thanks, we'll have to try it out. Always good to have back up!