Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the Hunt

Today was a nice day and since I've been sitting in the van more than I would like to I made sure to take Savannah on a nice long walk...this morning and this afternoon. I hope this is the beginning of the warmer weather coming in...hoping, hoping hoping! Earlier today as we were making lunch, I had to pull the cooler out to get food out and kept it out to use as a table. Savannah took it upon herself to make the cooler area her new fort...can't say I blame her, it's soft, dark and cozy down there!

[caption id="attachment_3893" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Fort Bug! Fort Bug![/caption]

After our yummy lunch of green beans and chicken, I made Savannah into a Ninja...I haven't dressed her up in a minute, she actually walked around for a while with her outfit on, she's so cute!

[caption id="attachment_3894" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ninja Bug Ninja Bug[/caption]

J' and I washed each others hair...oh, how good it feels to have a clean head again. If there's one thing we must have on the road, it's clean hair! When our hair isn't clean, everything feels...well, not right.

[caption id="attachment_3900" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Clean girls! Clean girls![/caption]

 Savannah and I went on a really nice walk in the afternoon on the land behind the casino. I think there is Indian land back there, there are houses and some kind of farm and a bunch of signs that say, "Private Road, No Access", but we always see people coming in and out with cow and horse trailers. Anyway, there is a bunch of open land behind the casino and it's great to take Savannah walking back there because she can hunt (on leash) and scurry about like the crazy lil spirit she is. There are Pheasants (which I found out from friends, are actually Quail) and ground squirrels running about, mostly trying to get away from Savannah but they're still cute and it's good exercise for the Bug.

[caption id="attachment_3901" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Pretty Pheasants Pretty Pheasants...er Quail[/caption]

After Nana ran around like a mad-woman, I took her up on top of this gravel hill to watch the land from above. I love watching her 'hunt', she sees every single movement, her head and ears are cocking from one side to the other hearing the chitter chatter of the animals...she's so stinkin' cute!



We must have sat up here a good 35-40 minutes, just watching. J' told me I should have let her off-leash to go hunt but I don't trust her, she never listens to me so she stays on-leash with the momma. It was a beautiful afternoon, glad I took some extra time with my nugget, to just be. It's been a while since we've been able to just sit outside and enjoy the day like that.


I feel like I've been hunting for sunshine lately and today I think I found it!

What have you been 'hunting' for?



  1. Just started reading your blog. Like your style! Cute doggie too. FYI, those are quail, not pheasants. We lived in Tucson for six years and loved those little guys so much so I recognized them in an instant. :)

  2. Snowing outside and 18 with windchill here, so don't feel to cold out there... :)

  3. Kate and I say hello! Still in Q, everyone else has adiosed. By the way those are Quail not Phesants. Tell J Hi and you guys take care

  4. Whoa Nelly! Okay I guess I can stop complaining now! haha

  5. Thanks Michael, I guess I'll have to change that. How long do you think you'll stick around? Has the whole town emptied out? Take care

  6. Thanks for the right name, I get them confused but should have done my research, I'll have to change it in the post, thank you! I'll have to read up on your blog as well. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

  7. yup those lil fellers be quail, mighty tasty to... Myself, Bob, Mike, mechanic Mike and Bryce plus new guy Jeff are spread out over the Ehrenberg site at this point...

    Glad to see you finally hooked up the sis, sounds like it was a great reunion...

    Zeke says hi and invites savannah on a hunt when they hook up again...