Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise!

Today is not only Valentine's Day but also the day that I got to give the biggest surprise ever...surprising my lil noodlebugs (my nieces and nephew). I think I forgot to tell everyone that we had to do a trip to Phoenix a couple of days ago, for personal reasons (that's why we were back at the Lone Butte Casino)....Anyway, we drove back into Tucson this afternoon to meet up with my sister and her family.



Before we met up with them, we needed to do a few things first...the major thing being emptying the 'terdlet'. We found a free dump site on, thanks to our good friends Jenn & Johnny, at The Triple T Truckstop. We drove in and checked it out first, making sure we knew where to go, as well as making sure it was actually free...and it was! So glad we looked up the site before driving into Tucson with a full potty, it worked out great. The little area where the dump site is, doesn't have any signs or anything but they do provide running water and a trash can next to the 'hole'.


[caption id="attachment_3914" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A respectful dump A respectful dump[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3915" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Doodie Free Doodie Free[/caption]

If you are travelling and are having a hard time finding places to dump, respectfully and legally, try On this website there are free dump sites as well as paid sites, so you get a little bit of everything and it's super helpful! We will be using it from here on out. After our successful, clean dump, we were on our way to the sista's...and I'm so freakin' stoked at this point, I can barely contain any of my excitement.

[caption id="attachment_3917" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Uncontainable Excitement Uncontainable Magic[/caption]

The way we planned our arrival was, we would get there right after my one niece, Jem had already gotten home from school, then my other niece Emma would be home an hour after that...and of course my nephew Chacha isn't in school yet, so he would be there with Jem when we first got there.

091 crp blur

We pulled up to the house, parked outside by the driveway and rang the doorbell...then I hid on the side of the wall by the front door while J' stood in front of the door. Jem answered the door and stood there, knowing she knew who this man was but couldn't place him...that's when I jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!!" She screamed back and as the door flew open her arms flew around me and she was laughing so hard, saying, "I thought that was Uncle J' but I just couldn't make sense of it!" It was super!! haha We sat down and talked with her and her mom (my sista, Kanga) and she played a little bit of her violin for me...what a treat!

[caption id="attachment_3918" align="aligncenter" width="225"]My Vivacious Violinist My Vivacious Violinist[/caption]

When Emma got home, I was a little behind on my surprising skills...she walked in and saw J' first, then me and stood frozen in the doorway. I ran to her, picked her up and squeezed her as she laughed her butt was so fun to be able to surprise them like that! Also when ChaCha got up from his nap, he came out of his room and when he saw me he gave me a huge hug and said, "Hello Auntie Kani!" I was hugging him down on my knees, crying of course, he actually knows who I am!! The last time I saw him in person he was only 8 months almost 4 and he's a walking, talking person...who knows who I am. That was pretty fantastic! ChaCha took really well to his 'Uncum J' too, he wanted to be right up in his lap and show him all of his toys...pretty stinkin' cute!

099 crp

I was able to give them the necklaces I made for them, too...success! They were so excited to have something handmade for them as well as something I found instead of something bought. They said it made them feel pretty special....well, duh...they are!

[caption id="attachment_3921" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Emma & Jem Emma & Jem[/caption]



The girls have school tomorrow so they had to go to bed at their normal time but I got to tuck them in so it was totally radical for all of us involved! hee hee

I'm not sure how long we will be here but I'm going to make sure that we make the most out of every moment and hopefully we'll be able to get my sister and bro-in-law out of the house and on some dates!! When you aren't around or don't have (younger) kids I don't think you truly appreciate the time you get with other adults...because it rarely happens, haha. I'm hoping to be able to give some good, quality, alone time back to my sis and her lover while we're here...also being selfish because I'll get all of that time with my noodlebugs! hee hee

Have you hugged your noodlebugs today!?


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