Friday, February 1, 2013

Yo' Vanilla...Let's Kick It!

We decided yesterday to make some goals for ourselves, nothing too crazy but something to strive for and if nothing else, to give us something new to do! So to kick off the "official" start of our goals we came back to the park we found the other day, Desert Breeze Park. J' brought his weights, jump rope and push-up bars out to the soccer field. I brought Savannah and some other things.

[caption id="attachment_3750" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sir-Jumps-A-Lot Sir-Jumps-A-Lot[/caption]

We both did our own thing; he did his workout, I did mine and I also flipped through my Healing Crystal book and we all ran around, chased each other and played together. It's a beautiful day today. I also laid in the grass, soaking in the feels good to have sun touching skin again, also watching J' jump rope.


I love watching him jump rope, he's so darn good at it. He can do some crazy moves and he's hella's really cool.

[caption id="attachment_3753" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Sorry for her butt... Sorry for her butt...[/caption]

When I jump rope I look like a second grader taking two hops in between one spin...I'm a watcher, not a jumper! haha We walked the trail back to the van, even though the van was parked literally right where we were in the field...more exercise! Plus, the park is so awesome and again it was a beautiful day!

498 crp

We jumped back in the van, did a few errands, ran over to Wal-mart bought ourselves a Soccer ball and went back over to the park. J' has been wanting a Soccer ball and/or a Football since the Summer and today seemed like thee perfect day to get we did! He played Soccer throughout his childhood, I on the other hand, tried to stay very far away from Soccer while growing up, for a few reasons: 1- I did not want to get kicked and having to play in grade school, know this is a fact of Soccer. 2- I did not like running. 3- I didn't want to get hurt. 4- I was a swimmer...not a person who ran after soccer balls getting kicked in the shins! haha When we had to play in school, I was always at the opposite end of the field from where the ball was, getting yelled at to, "Get in there!" Uh, nope...I was good at 'this' end of the field, where there was no ball kicking action goin' on!


So, this would really be my first attempt at actually kicking the ball and getting the ball kicked back to me, oh and running....ugh running! I think I did enough running for the both of us today due to J' being able to kick the crap out of this ball and my kicking it back to him was like the 2nd grader jumping rope...funny stuff! It was fun though and a really good workout. It's good for the hand-eye coordination, which I actually have! I'm not a total wussy girly girl, I did swim but I also played Water Polo for many many years and that is not a sport for wimps...and it taught me really great hand-eye coordination. It was fun and I think kicking this ball around a few times a week, my legs, ankles and feet will get stronger and it will just get easier! Savannah was so funny to watch, we let her off of her leash because there wasn't anyone around, she ran with us the first couple of times then she just stood off on the side watching us...she's afraid of the ball! This little dog will run, growling and snarling at strangers, bicycles and motorcycles but when you start kicking a soccer ball around, she is the most timid dog you've ever seen. I wanted her to get some exercise with us but every time the ball would go near her she would jump and run away so fast, then come running over to me with her ears down and her tail between her legs. She's such a weirdo. I tried to get her used to the ball by sitting on the grass with her and touching the ball to her back and you would have thought I was trying to 'brand' her with a hot iron.


She's a crazy dog...a good dog, but a crazy dog! She doesn't know what's going on, she's so confused! Poor baby.... haha


Well that was our fun-filled, glorious goal driven day. I hope you were able to get out of the house, RV or van and do something you wouldn't normally do.

Hooray for goals!


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