Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Surprisingly Fun Afternoon

We have been at the Casino del Sol for a few days and it's been great but we decided to switch it up a bit and go to a different casino, ya know...for options. Options are always great to have and to know about. We drove to what we thought would be a closer casino to my sister, when we decide to visit her, but it was totally not our cup of tea, there was an aviation training field right across the street meaning very very loud planes at all hours of the day and night,


the parking lot was not full of any RV's not really making us settle in very well, the neighborhood didn't make up for any of these other things either, so we moved on down the road to a casino in Sahuarita called Desert Diamond Casino.


What a huge difference! This casino had quite a few RV's of all sizes and was the biggest parking lot we've seen so far. We found our parking spot and thought we'd go inside and see what the casino was like. The building was really pretty, it had a really pretty fountain in a covered walking area into the entrance of the casino.


The casino itself was smaller than most we've been inside but it was nice. J' turned to me when we walked inside and said, "Let's play a game!" Now, he never plays the slot machines so it was a little out of the ordinary but...okay! We put a dollar into a penny slot machine and pulled a couple of times, the dollar ran out, put another one in, made a little bit of money then it ran out again. We put one more dollar in and we hit a few good rolls and ended up winning $9.30! haha How awesome is that!? We got up and walked around for a little bit, passing by the buffet restaurant, saw the prices: $9.99 for lunch buffet from was 1:51! The ladies at the buffet counter even gave us 10% off, usually if you have a player's card you get 10% off, since we wouldn't be able to go, stand in line, get one and get back to the buffet by 2 p.m., she gave it to us! Funny how things work sometimes huh!? The buffet was great, the most amazing thing too was they had all you can eat ribs! Cha-ching...Jackpot!!




The buffet was great and the best part was with our winnings, it was buy one get one free! Woo hoo! It was a fun unexpected afternoon...those are always a ton of fun! Now we're just waiting for the weather to change, it's supposed to get pretty cold again tomorrow and stick around for a couple of days...we might just have to get the heater down again!


Wish us warm!



  1. Just thought I would leave a note telling you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I'm retiring at the end of next month and am planning to hit the road on a small budget. I enjoy reading about how you handle the mundane issues of life.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Yay!! I love that you love reading! I can't wait to hear all about YOUR adventures! Keep in touch and just remember if you have a good imagination and an open mind you can achieve anything!