Thursday, February 5, 2015

An Idea Comes to Life...Thank you for your Support!!

An idea, a friend of ours had, has actually come to fruition. I had actually thought of this last year but didn't think I was "good enough" so never went ahead with it, nor even thought much more about it.

This week....that has changed.

We were tossing the idea around again and my (amazing) hubby says to me, "Okay just toss the idea that you're not good enough to the side and just go with it, if nothing happens, then we're not out anything (really)."

So, I did it.

I bet you're wondering what this is all about...?

I started my own Etsy shop!!!

For me, this is a MAJOR thing. To put myself (and my ego) on display, has always been very hard because I've never thought I was creative and I do not like rejection or the thought that someone may not like what I've spent a lot of time on...gasp!

BUT, I have done it. I did it. Something hard, something creative, something someone may not like....or may love!

I am proud of myself and I guess that's all that really matters.

Plus, I've already had two sales!! TWO!

I have made an Etsy button at the top if you'd like to check it out, just click the link there or you can click the link here:

I also have a clickable button on the right side of this post that says, My Etsy

I am super stoked about this and would love for you and anyone else (tell your friends) to stop by, look around and maybe even make a purchase!

I will be adding new things all the time, so please place it in your favorites and come back often to check on new items. EVERYTHING is a one of a kind and handmade with love & imagination.

In this life everything helps, so I truly thank you and I appreciate all of your support.






  1. This is awesome. I like that square stone :)

  2. You may not remember my dog Kate and I from the RTR a couple of winters ago but I will tell you "Good enough"? You leave good enough in the dust. You may remember me because of the Jameson's that guy sitting across from you and I killed one evening around the campfire. Please take care, hope to cross paths again.


  3. Hey Michael,
    I remember you and Kate and L! Those were fun nights that year! Hope you are doing well and having fun traveling.
    Thanks for reading still!