Friday, March 27, 2015

Some things were left out...

So here we are (at blogspot)....again! Funny how things come full circle after a few years!
Welcome back my dedicated readers and hopefully some new ones too, it's nice to see you again. I hope this site is easier for you to use, to load and subscribe to. I will be working on the site for a few weeks to make it "mine" as much as I can, so if you see anything missing or not loading correctly, either on your phones or computers, please let me know. 
Thank you!

As I'm sitting here writing this I'm going through my head on all of the things I can write about, that I haven't been writing about and there's just so much, too much but a few things are worth mentioning and writing about so here are a few things y'all have missed out on....
As most of you know we were in NE Georgia for about 8 months, for many things. Jamie got a Summer job doing manual labor on a farm, which farm in this instance really means maintaining the grounds of a lot of land that a semi-billionaire owns with trees, grass, ponds, horses, donkeys, stables, among much much more as well as 3 separate living quarters throughout the property, it was a beautiful piece of property but it actually cost us more to live there and work, than we were expecting and it was a "have to" situation, so we're happy it's over!

Instead of leaving straight from Georgia and heading West, we had planned on making a fun little detour to Florida to see our daughter Brittney and spend time with some other family. 
On our way out of Georgia, we stopped by the Georgia Guide Stones. I think I'm going to have to do a post just for the Guide Stones, they are really neat and IMO I do not think they are evil!
We spent the first night in Florida, which was Halloween, with my mom...that was a hoot and SO good to see her!
 We spent the entire month of November with our lil Hoot in Central Florida, spending some awesome quality family time together and...planning her wedding!!!! It was awesome to be able to help her plan, make our own decorations, make sure everything added up and my mom and I were also able to go dress shopping with her. She got the most amazing dress and the alterations happened right on time, it fit her perfectly! She and hubby got married at the very end of November, daddy got to walk her down the aisle and she was absolutely stunning!!
 As we were there until the end of November, we were able to spend Thanksgiving together as a family, (mom and sister included) and put up moms' Christmas tree, which took about 10 minutes!
It was so great to spend time together. 
The East Coast and the West Coast are pretty far away from one another and while there are always airplanes and long, long road trips to be able to see each other, there's nothing like smashing it all into one month! haha 
It all had to come to an end at some point and while Brittney and new hubby were enjoying their time together somewhere reclusive, we packed up the last of what we hadn't the night before and began our road trip back to where we belong... West!
Our time to start our lives again was upon us and we were excited as well as having to learn all over again. We had to get the basics back like: living in the van again, cooking, packing or puzzle piecing, learning to take the smell of the toity, finding all of our stuff because we put it somewhere "safe", what we need and what we want, not being able to stand up straight, putting the bed up, putting the bed down, showering and all the other fun stuff that comes with the life. All of that comes and goes. We re-upped on the basics and are living like Georgia never's there and it will stay there!
I think that's enough for this post. It's been fun reminiscing, even though it happened just a few months ago, it seems like years...but I hope it gets shorter in between visits with our lil hoot and my mom.
See you soon

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