Saturday, July 11, 2015

Change is upon us; Name change, youtube channel, instagram, twitter, facebook

As we all know, Change is really the only constant in this life, and things are changing among our lil' road family.
We have decided to change our "name" or brand, or whatever you want to call it. We started looking at all of our 'stuff'; blog, youtube, facebook, etc. and everything that has to do with us and our travels has a different name and can be quite confusing, to you and to us!
So, grab a hold of your seats everyone and get ready for change. I know at first it may be difficult to remember, maybe even to type but in due time we know that this was the right move for us and we hope you keep joining us on our journey!

Our blog name has changed from 2completespirits or (to some of you) Fulfilling My Spirit to  
Enigmatic Nomadics.
So the new blog address is:

If you would like to watch our videos and find us on Youtube our channel has changed from CheapRVLiving to
Enigmatic Nomadics  

Instagram: @EnigmaticNomadics

Twitter: EnigmaNomads

I hope you all decide to keep following along on our journey and we do hope to see you down the road one day soon. 


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