Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gorging on Food and Fights

I know, I know...just slap me already! At least I have something different to write about...lucky for you, haha! It's been so nice to be around people (some familiar, some new), that it's hard to sit inside and sit on the 'puter when you can catch up and create. The afternoon we united with Bob & his tribe, we stopped and said hello to Bob and then stopped quickly over at "Camp Ironwood" and then set-up shop by sunset.

Over the next couple of days we've met a few new people, all very nice. We all hung out with Sayward in her rig one day...I think we ended up fitting like 5 people in there at one point. We drank tea, listened to beautiful music, ate some amazing pumpkin bread and just gabbed & gabbed...even the boys! It was hella fun.

[caption id="attachment_3037" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Nice day for Tea![/caption]

We must have been in her rig all day because we ended up getting out only to get our jackets for the evening walk. It was nice to have Savannah be able to run and run...and run. She LOVES to hunt. It was a little unnerving for me (yes, still) she runs so far ahead of the group and wasn't staying with Homer this time...and I did have to go looking for her a time or two. We're both still learning...well maybe I'm the one still learning! haha It was a beautiful walk, though. Even nice enough to not have to wear my jacket!

[caption id="attachment_3038" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Walk[/caption]

Oh...and we saw another Moonrise! They are starting to be a regular favorite...LOVE! Later that night we had movie night in Say's rig...The Movie: Space Cowboys. It was a good movie, I really liked it.

The day after we just hung around camp, cleaned up & organized, cooked up some lunch and watched Savannah hunt like a mad-woman.

[caption id="attachment_3042" align="alignleft" width="150"] Lunch Time[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3043" align="alignright" width="150"] Play Time[/caption]

Zeke (Steve's dog) and Nana got to play later that day, they play pretty well together, so it makes us all happy.

December 29,2012...FIGHT NIGHT

Yes, here we are again...haha. We sat through the morning and early afternoon at the camp spot with the rest of the gang and then getting into evening we drove into town and hit the closest...okay the only Sizzler in town. (There are not many choices in the Blythe/Ehrenberg area as far as restaurants go). We went in thinking we would gorge on all of this food and after a big salad and a bite of chicken...we were full! haha I told you Vandwelling does things to you (and your body). I tried eating as much as I could without feeling sick and I think I did pretty good...until later haha, it wasn't bad though. It sure was nice to have all that food in our bellies and we even doggy bagged our 'served' food. Lunch for tomorrow...Hooray!!!

And if you're wondering if that was both of our food...Nope, that was all me baby. J' did pretty good himself though, not a space in our bellies was empty! After the Sizzla', we went over to Mickey D's to get wifi but could not pick it up. It was still pretty early...the prelim prelims were on, ha. We ended up driving across the street and parking in between the Del Taco and the laundry mat and picked up a few good signals from the nearby restaurants. I'm not so sure that we will head out that early again to watch the fights, it's fine on a great night of fighting but that was not the case tonight.

The fights weren't that great, they were kind of boring, long and drawn out...too much sitting to get one good fight at the end. I guess that's the luck of the draw with the sport win some, you lose some (literally)! After the fights, we were planning on going out to where we were before meeting with Bob (football tomorrow), but decided to just hit the Flying J (grass for potty time...for Savannah, haha) and head back to camp.

We are ready for the New's quickly approaching. 2013 is going to be amazing! Everything just seems to keep getting easier as we journey through this life. I don't know if many people feel that way, but we do, because we don't only see the smooth 'road'...we feel it and even when we hit a pot hole...we embrace it. I hope everyone gets a smoother road going into this new year.




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