Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A forced birthday is needed sometimes!

About a week or two before my birthday, I was not looking forward to the day approaching. I did not want to celebrate it. I wanted to forget it even existed. This would be the very first time in my entire life that I didn't want to even think about it, yet celebrate it. I usually want, if not an entire month of festivities, at least a week for fun, treats and celebration. 
Not this year.  
Jamie kept asking me what I wanted to do or if I wanted anything. Nope. The only thing I actually wanted was to talk to my mom.
This year I was sad, I was depressed, I was in a funk.
When the day came I didn't want to do anything. I didn't even want to be reminded it was my birthday, I wanted to act like it was any other day...although I did want ice cream.

Thankfully I have an amazing hubby that won't take no for an answer. He told me he was taking me somewhere and I was gonna have fun dammit! Even though I threw a fit like a 4 year old, he made me get out of the van, get dressed with "the right shoes on" (hmph), he made me get on the bike, he made me go.
We stopped briefly at the general store to check some emails and facebook, which was nice seeing all of the love from my friends and family pouring in. (I think this was part of his plan all along!)
After getting out of my funk just a little tiny bit, we decided to go into the park and do a hike. At the entrance gate Jamie asked the ranger which hike would be a good hike with interesting views but was pretty short, he told us Queens Garden Trail would give us all those things...so away we went.

We made our hike our own by taking pictures and goofing around with one another, but definitely got some huffin' & puffin' in due to the steep angles of the trail...ain't no joke!

Queens Garden Trail was a great hike for us, we were able to walk alongside hoodoos and spires and could make the hike as long or as short as we wanted. There was a lot to look at on this trail...we didn't get much hiking in.

 I loved the trees on this trail. If they conquered the elements and everything that went with it to still be here chugging along...I could do it, too.

 By the time we spent about 30-45 minutes here, we decided that was enough...it was time for ice cream!!
We drove out of the park and down the street, it's literally 3.5 miles, to the rock shop where the ice cream parlor is. This place was hopping!! With how packed the line was, I kind of felt like I was in that Seinfeld episode of the soup nazi, (no soup for you haha) but I got my ice cream and my scooper wasn't messing around...one scoop of ice cream looked like 3, it was awesome!!

We were able to snag a seat outside, close enough to the stables to smell the horse poop...happy birthday! 

All in all I did have a great day. Thank you to my love who knows me well enough to make me get out and enjoy my special day. I also got to talk to my momma and even got a special note from my bestie, Aussie, that I don't get to talk to nearly enough. Thank you to all who wished me a great day and sent their love, the small things really added up for me today.
Oh and Jamie did get me a present...a new, bright headlamp!! 125 lumens people!!! Now I can walk the dogs in the dark and be able to see my surroundings...and those eyes shining back at me!! Yikes

Happy Birthday to me.

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