Thursday, August 6, 2015

Days of Thunder

We were both pretty excited about being back at Bryce Canyon. The temperatures were nice during the day and for sleeping, we found a really nice private spot where you had to come down into our camp to see us and there were deer and Pronghorn around us all the time. 

The thing we weren't expecting was rain...days and days of rain. Probably should have looked a little better at that weather forecast!

Sometimes rain is welcome but when we get hours of heavy downpours or days of it, it gets a little annoying for many reasons, but mostly because you can't get out of the van and that makes your body ache and your mind turn into mush from all of the computer time. The other reason I don't dig the rain so much, living in the van, is dog potty time; they don't want to go out in it, neither do I but they won't go without a potty partner (me) and their feet and bellies get muddy. Maybe if we had a bigger rig, rainy days would be cozy and kind of cool, but in the van, they're the pits.

Anyway, we looked at the weather forecast the day after we arrived and saw it would probably rain for 2-3 rained on and off for 5 days. Since we mostly live outside of the van, that's a lot of stuff getting wet, muddy shoes and paws (even though we wipe them off as much as we can), a lot of sitting and not being able to stretch out, stand up or lay down (because of how our bed plan is). We can't get into any of our bins because they are covered with the tarp that's trying to keep them dry (but they fill up with water anyway) and at this spot we have no TV, so that leaves us way too much time with our computers and most of the stuff we want or have to do takes internet usage so our data slips by way too fast...
All in all, it's better when it's not raining!

When the Sun started shining with no clouds around, it was a spectacular day...we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

Once we had some dry days we started scoping out the forest around us. We could tell there had been a few forest fires around where we were parked as well as through the entire forest. I guess with the lightning storms and the tall trees it's inevitable but still sad to see... and smell.

 I always think about the animals that live here and where they go when such a thing happens, I guess some get out and some don't...Mother Nature lives on.

After 2 days of sunshine and LOTS of out of the van time, we had 2 more days of rain!
Today, we are praying to the Sun God to show it's purty face for the remainder of our stay.


  1. It's been raining like that here too! Hey,at least you are out west where it's cooler.

  2. Blog is looking great! Love the header. I subscribed weeks ago but haven't received anything yet. sad face.