Friday, December 18, 2015

Exploring Parker

Although we stay in and around Quartzsite for a few weeks, we usually don't do too much shopping there due to the higher prices. In Quartzsite, there is a Dollar General and a Family Dollar that has pretty good prices compared to the main Markets...but in the busy season, they tend to sell out of food items pretty quickly as well as not having very many healthy options. 
So when we need to buy "bigger" items, such as meat, veggies, paper towels, dog food, etc. We make a list and will either travel to Blythe (20 miles) to shop at the Smart & Final or a little bit bigger trek to Parker (38 miles) to shop at Walmart. When we go to Parker, we make sure to spend enough time there to do everything we need to do..."Big City" wise! The town has a bigger hardware store, water for better prices per gallon, DMV, more options for fast food if that's your thing, a casino, and among other things a Super Walmart with Red Box...that you can park overnight at as well.

This last time while in Parker, we decided to take a side trip to see if there was any better overnight parking than the Walmart, so we checked out the Blue Water Casino. The casino does have big rig parking, probably due to their entertainment venue, although not too level if you don't have levelers. They hold different concerts and shows along with lounge entertainment and a couple of full service bars. Even though we have never stayed around for much longer than a half an hour or so, my favorite part is to walk through and go towards the back where the pool is. Being a swimmer most of my life, I always have to go see the pool, even if I don't partake! The pool area is huge and very nice, it has play areas for kids with shallow pools along with big water slides for both children and adults. In three years, every time we go in to look at the pool there's never anyone there...must be the winter time hours or something I'm not aware of because it looks like way too much fun to be closed...that's where I'd spend all of my time if we stayed there! 
Here is a link to Blue Water Casino in Parker, AZ

One lap around the casino and back out in the parking lot we stood, so we hopped back in the van and decided to drive down the road a bit further and venture where we've never gone. We drove North, towards Lake Havasu and arrived at a can turn right, left or go straight...we turned left on Riverside Dr. The road curves and winds, up and down through some really beautiful houses that we never even knew were back there. The houses sit right on the Colorado River and look super cool, even though they are right on top of their neighbors, it might not be that bad of a place to live if you had a boat! I'm sure they paid a small fortune to live there but it's just beautiful back there.
There are a couple of spots to park once you get back far enough but they are just right off the main road, not a lot of room to spread out and I didn't feel 'safe' there, due to my girls (dogs), plus we like to tuck into a spot where we can be at peace and not worry about the dogs getting hit or anything of the sort. We drove to the end of the road and turned around heading back through the homes.

We noticed a few fun looking bars and restaurants, one~ The Sundance Saloon, looked like might be under renovation or maybe just getting ready for the Snow Birds to come in. The few things we took away from that place; the palm trees are awesome and Macho Man & Wet T-shirt contests start at 3 p.m.!

A few blocks down, we saw big signs for a place called Fox's, since we were just discovering anyway, we took the right to the bar.
Fox's was open but wasn't really hoppin', although I could totally see all the parties and good times that could be had here! I'm sure if you lived around there this is thee place during the right times of year.

H.O.G. parking

My kind of trees...Laughing!!!

Ghost town??

Dolla' Dolla' Bills y'all!
Come and go by boat! How fun!

And I had to make sure the swings worked, of course!!!

We didn't stay to eat or drink but it's good to know that place is there...for next time!

We had to go to the DMV the next morning, so we stayed overnight in the Walmart parking lot. Parking here several times over the years, we know it's safe, there's always a great spot for the van and trailer and since we can never get a TV signal anywhere in Parker, the Red Box serves as a great way to end the night...any movie you want to rent for $1.60 or so, you can't really beat that. 



  1. If you have not yet done so, you would probably enjoy a visit to The Desert Bar north of Parker. It's only open noon to sunset on weekends and it's best to go in a high rise vehicle that can handle the very rough road. The food is not much but the music and atmosphere are not to be missed. Everything is built from recycled materials and run by solar power. Maybe make it a group outing with some of Bob's group. Be sure to visit the ladies room while there.

    1. We have seen signs for it and Jamie said he saw something about that place a couple of years ago! We have it on the list of things to do when we drive back through! Thanks for the comment!!

  2. The casino has a movie theater too.

    1. Thanks Rob, I did not know that! Add it to the list of the many things to do there!

  3. I love your posts. They are funn, informative & pretty thorough.

    1. Thank you Donna! I appreciate you reading them! I try to keep them fun, because who wants to read a bunch of boring stuff? Not me!! haha