Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blowing Around like Dust in the Wind

We ended up having a shorter time with our friend Micheal than we had anticipated but it was great having him in our 'home' and to have everybody hang out together. We threw a little "See ya later" dinner where everyone came over, ate burgers, beans & taters and enjoyed some fun conversations.

Safe travels to him and hope we see you soon buddy.

Hottest Camp Around 500

We had gone to bed the night before with the intention of leaving Sedona, so when we woke up this morning we started packing it up...this was going to take a 'few' minutes! We had our morning cafe' convo's (conversations over coffee) with Kevin and Mike and little by little Joon was packed stuffed and we were ready to roll. We figured we would just organize everything at the next place, so this is what you get when you roll like that...

[caption id="attachment_4705" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Yikes! Yikes![/caption]

Where were we off to, you ask? Flagstaff. The first day J' & Micheal went riding they drove up toward the Flagstaff area and found some areas with National Forest land and some possible great spots. I wasn't really ready to leave this area just yet but sometimes you just gotta go along with it. The main reason for us leaving was the wind gets pretty strong around 12:30 p.m. until about 5-6 p.m... that's a lot of van time... with the doors and windows closed, due to the 'dust in the wind'. When we left we drove through a part of Sedona we hadn't been through yet, so that was a treat! I love seeing new views and new things!

Sedona Views 500

As you drive North the landscape changes drastically. We drove from the big and beautiful red rocks into 40 ft. tall pine trees. I almost felt like we were in Montana (I've never been to Montana, it's just what I felt like). We popped over this hill and there was this HUGE mountain in front of us... with snow on it! What the heck, where did that come from? It was a pretty drastic scenery change!

Forest time 500

Where are we 500

We drove around and looked at spots, checking the wifi and some open air for the solar panels. We were sitting pretty high on a 3g signal but that's because the towers are back in the forest, we don't think they have 4g towers out here. As for the solar, we weren't having any luck with too much open air. The panels would probably only end up getting a few hours of sun instead of a whole day... which we need. After checking out a few different areas and many spots within those areas, we stopped and had lunch at Subway (getting to use our awesome Subway coupons!) and talked over our options of staying here or going back to Sedona and checking out other campsites around the area. After filling our bellies we decided to head back to Sedona and check out areas around where we were just camping.

We drive back to Sedona!

I was actually pretty stoked about this because, like I said before, I was not ready to leave yet...GRIN! 

[caption id="attachment_4709" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Over it! Over it![/caption]

Believe it or not, we drove to about 5 or 6 different camping areas and spots within the area and after about an hour of that, ended up right back in the same exact spot we left this morning! We now truly know that we have the best spot in town. What a great feeling!

We are tired but happy we are back. Sometimes you just have to satisfy that curiosity bug, ya know! We'll probably go back up to Flagstaff, during the Summer R.T.R. that Bob is holding in June, but until then we'll deal with the wind when it comes and be happy little campers at the best camp spot in Sedona!

[caption id="attachment_4710" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Pleasantly Pooped! Pleasantly Pooped![/caption]

Have you fed your curiosity bug today?






  1. Just a quick Hello. Thanks for the above group shot of the guys 'n' Joon. I love to see the pics of your campsites/kit/setup. They're my "mind-candy." I love to see J's construction and your organization. BTW-Am I nuts or is Savannah putting on some weight in her old age? ;) As always, thanks for all the effort put into this site.

  2. Do you think you could do a tour of the way J sets up/connects the tarps to Joon? I've seen the inside of your lifestyle, but I'd love to see more of your "backporch." I tend to enjoy the mechanicals.

    J seems to be a competent guy; the geek in me enjoys both seeing his work and your enjoying/loving another geek and his work. (By geek, I mean intelligent aficionado, no disrespect.)

    Just a thought, not a job...

  3. Heck yes! I will do a tour, would you like a video tour or just photos and a step by step. He's a pretty smart buckaroo and it's super simple! Let me know what you would prefer and I will get on it...maybe I'll just do both for our own records! Good to see you are enjoying the little things of the...well little things!! Thanks again!

  4. I love it when you comment, you make me smile from elbows to ears!! I didn't know you liked the set-up and detail as much as you do. Maybe I'll put a little more into the posts about certain things like that! And for Savannah, she's just a pot belly pig! haha Actually I think she gets spoiled from some of the other man-candy in camp that love to give her 'cookies'. We've even caught her sneaking away from camp to get her munch on! Floozy!! I'll make sure to tell her people are starting to notice! haha

  5. Hey Guys,Have you looked into the White Mountains area,it's really nice up there,temp. is a lot cooler too. Check out my blog. Love you guys, Joey.

  6. Holy cow, do I love your enthusiastic approach to everything--a video tour!?! :)

    Don't call Speilberg just yet. All I really'd like to see are a couple of shots of your campsite setups, from time to time. I always scan your group shots for the background.

    Bob had a shot on his site that he took from up on a ladder. I was neat to see the tops of the rigs.

    Thanks for the attention. All the best to your little "pack."