Friday, May 17, 2013

The BEST rock shop in Sedona!

With the boys going on bike rides, every day that Micheal was here, I was able to spend some time in a Rock Shop that was nearby the trails. I walked into this shop, The Village Rock Shop of Sedona, and at first was just another shopper, oooing and awing at the beautiful gems, stones, crystals and jewelry. I got to talking to one of the owners, Kristen Joy, and the next thing you know we are sitting on the couch in the shop going through my box of rocks! What a cool experience it was to have someone else with great energy feeling the energy in MY stones!

box o rocks 500

I had questions about a few of the stones I've been carrying and have never been able to place...a name or a feeling. When she picked them up, just as for me, there was no feeling...just flat. After some conversation about them we came to a conclusion that maybe I should just "recycle" them. She told me I would know what to do with them when the time came...although I already knew what I wanted to do with them! It was great sitting and talking with her, it turns out we're even from the same area in Florida...small world.

If you're ever in the area or want to stop by online, she is a great energy to be around and knows "a thing or two" about stones! She raves about her partner Mike Silberhorn and his amazing knowledge about the rocks, stones and much more. They also have open mic night, where bands will come and play for a couple of hours and fill the room with an uplifting energy and peaceful mood.

6101 Hwy 179, Suite C Sedona, AZ 86351

I just really loved this shop and the owner and would love for everyone to have an amazing experience like I did while visiting the area. 

Thank you Kristen for taking the time to sit down with me and go through all of my stones and hear the stories. The energy of the shops' ambiance was as awesome as it gets...I could have stayed here all day, but the boys came back!

Have you visited your local (enter favorite store/store you've never visited) today?


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