Monday, May 27, 2013

The Weekend Wedge

Here's a little wedge of our weekend for ya...

Just about every morning, especially on the weekends, we get woken up by the "ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh" of hot air balloons over the van. I think we may be part of their fly over tour now!

Coming our way 500

New morning alarm 500

Close balloon 500

Savannah is finally chewing on the bone we bought for her almost a year ago! Well, she carries it around more than she chews on it but she's paying attention to it and that makes me happy. See, I found it in the depths of her crate the other day and saw it had not even one single bite mark on it, so I put it in a ziploc bag, poured a little bit of bbq sauce, some bacon molasses seasoning and a few squirts of water in and let it marinade for two days. Needless to say, she carries it everywhere with her now...silly girl...but it does make me happy!

Bonin' Bug 500

Miss Cheri popped in for a little lunch date. It was a nice surprise...and she brought these amazing rolls from Fry's. Oh.My.Goodness...these rolls (or whatever they were). They are considered gourmet bread, J' calls them bagels, I call them rolls, Miss Cheri calls them amazing bread...and we all call them scrumpdiddlyumptious! The bread almost looks like a big croissant and has cheese and green chiles baked into it. They are to die for, we are definitely going to have to throw these into the mix!

Cheesy Bread Babes 500

It was nice to see her and she was able to see Mikey again as well.

Hug-a-round 500

Even though most of our weekends are just like any other part of the week, it's always nice to be able to take a load off, sit down, enjoy good food, good conversation, have a few laughs and bask in the ambiance of knowing how good we have it out here. Some people think we are just wandering aimlessly through the desert and for those people, I feel sad that they don't get to experience the amazing life we have made for ourselves out here or get to meet the totally awesome people that have become like family to us. If this is wandering aimlessly through, well...anywhere...We'll take it!


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  1. Oh! Lucky you! Hangin' with two of my favorite people! And Mia and tony, too! Please give them hugs for me!!!