Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's that? Oh...'change' is calling us again!

Camp is thriving! We have some additions to the bunch! Kevin arrived a couple days after we did, it's been nice having him back around...such an 'easy' camper and great company.

[caption id="attachment_4603" align="aligncenter" width="350"]FUN. FUN.[/caption]

Cheri has also joined us for a little bit of time. I love having (my) time with her, I feel like we're sisters, we tell each other like it is and get along so well and always have fun no matter if we're just sitting together. I love my Miss Cherry! We sat for a couple of days and wrapped some jewelry and thought of new things to make and then made them; rings, rings with beads, she made me a bracelet, I fixed a necklace and wrapped another awesome stone, a Moss Agate to be exact!

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It's my best wrap yet...yessssss! It's so nice to see her face every couple of months, it's warm and familiar and we just love her and Mr. T (Tony) 

Oh yeah...I colored and reshaped my hairz. I needed to get away from the reds due to how the color and brassy, plus I really wanted to get back to a darker more 'natural' color for hair is naturally a very dark brown. I went with a fun (cheap) color, Midnight Blue Black, that I remember as a fun color a few years back and goes well with my skin tone.

Take a gander at the process....

[gallery ids="4610,4613,4611"]

 J' really likes it and so do I...I think it was a good time to change.

Speaking of change, we figured we would move our camping spot too. We moved about 100 yards away from where Ray & Kevin are was fun to try something different but we are who we are and we just like to spread out and have our space. It's actually the perfect distance because we are close enough to walk to each others camps but still have our privacy, it's great! We have a great view, a place to put our kitchen and we get sun all day...couldn't have planned it better.

Camp SeDona 500

Have you gone through the process of change lately?



  1. Hiya Kev!

    Lookin good, missy!

    I'm finally HEADING NORTH AND HOME TO nEW England ON Monday! yIPEEEE! Can't wait to see my family!!!

  2. I'll give Kevin a hug for ya Cyn! I'm so happy you get to see your family, what a treat! Safe travels lovely!