Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting Upon Arrival

About 4 out of our 7 days of the week we are woken up by loud 'whoosh' noises. One morning we rushed out of the van to catch a glimpse of the noise maker...

[caption id="attachment_4659" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Top o' the mornin'! Top o' the mornin'![/caption]

Far off balloon 500We have been hearing the noise from time to time in the early mornings but due to how our camp is situated with an awning and these great trees, it's kind of hard to see them...but today we would see them, 'shoot' them and even talk about what we were going to have for brekkie with the people in them! Pretty cool place here.

 I've grown a little "concerned" with Savannah these days. She just can't seem to get comfortable no matter what she does. Poor little baby.

[gallery ids="4662,4663,4661"]

I'm sure she'll get over it due to another piece of man candy making a grand entrance from Denver tonight! Our friend, Micheal, left Denver yesterday and should be getting here any time now. We are quite excited, other than our daughter, no one has really stepped into our world of the travelling lifestyle and while we will only have a limited time together it should be super duper fun to get out and explore with him and show him what this life has to offer. He's a HUGE trail rider so I'm sure the boys will have their fun riding the trails and just being boys together.

[caption id="attachment_4671" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Down the trail already Down the trail already[/caption]

Now with him coming, it makes me want ALL of my peeps from everywhere to come be with us. The invitation is always open my lovies!!

Have you checked your calendar today??



  1. Man, do I want to take a rode trip. I would totally go visit. I can dream though. I WILL NOT GIVE UP THAT DREAM!!! ;-)

  2. Martha!! You would love it out here and probably never leave, it's just gorgeous the scenery, the weather, the trails, everything. I can't wait until you can get out and DO IT!!!!! You WILL, You WILL, You WILL!!!!!