Sunday, August 5, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

A vast majority of the American population is in a tumultuous relationship with food, drinks, chemicals, toxins...just about everything we put into our bodies. I know I definitely cannot count myself out of that group. Through the years I have been really good with my "diet" and really bad. I have gained a significant amount of weight during those years by eating like shit, drinking way too much and just not caring about myself, my mind or my body. Many times I have come out of these bad habits, lost the weight and felt good again just to fall back into them months or years later. I wish I could blame it all on the crap processed foods the government puts into our stores and the yummy alcoholic drinks that make us feel so good but I can't....entirely. I take some of the blame. I say some, because there are things in my body & brain that I just cannot help no matter how hard I try...but I will try. I am also trying to remember that nobody is perfect...ain't that a hard thing to swallow! Just going on 32 years young I think it's high time to not only have a change of scenery on the outside but for my inside too. Even though I have my times of bingeing on sweets and foods I know my stomach can't handle, I can honestly say I eat pretty good. My body knows what it likes and what it definitely doesn't, it is up to me to feed it the right stuff. I am lucky enough to love fruits & veggies and I crave salads more than anything else. With this new lifestyle change I'm "putting myself through" right now, I know it will be worth my while when I start seeing daily and monthly changes...for the better. I took myself off of all the medications I've been on for the past 6-61/2 years and started taking natural supplements and extracts in their places. When you're moving around from town to town, state to state it's a little hard to keep up with the same doctor. I figured if I go natural, I can get my supplements anywhere there's a health store. I know this will definitely take some time and probably some hellacious withdrawals but I'm willing to do it for myself and my overall health (my doctor back home said it can't hurt, the least I'll have to do is just go back on everything). J' is being a real trooper, he's there when I need him and he's there when I don't even know that I need him. Along with the natural supplements I am no longer eating processed food, well a very very minimal amount of processed food (like canned veggies because they last longer out here). There's a lot of brown rice, veggies and fruit going on right now! It's definitely a little harder doing it out in the middle of the forest due to us not being able to go to town when we need fresh fruit or when we run out of anything else and also the refrigeration factor. We are trying to go without ice right now due to it costing us a trip into town every 5-7 days and about 30 bucks a month (yes for just ice) far, so good but I know J' would really love some hamburgers. I mean, we can go into town but it's such a waste of gas to go every few days, hence the canned fruit and veggies, we're washing before we eat them. I gave up caffeine about 7-8 months ago, having the occasional coke or diet whatever J' is drinking when we go to town...I still have soda cravings, ya know! Although I gave up caffeine I was drinking Sprite to get my fix but I gave those up about two weeks ago...the sugar does not jive well with this turkeys' mood swings on a daily. Some days I need something other than water (and it's a good thing I love water) so I brew up some water and stick a bag of tea in there and then I have some tea to drink. I also stopped drinking (alcohol) over a year and a half ago, this has cut a lot of crap out of my life and my body and couldn't be happier for that decision. Due to not drinking alcohol, I have lost a considerable amount of weight, my face cleared up and my body & mind function better. So if I can just get through the next couple of months of feeling lethargic, feeling ugly, wanting to do absolutely nothing allllll day and get these supplements right, I think I'll be on my way to ....something better! And if not, I can't say I never tried.


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