Friday, August 17, 2012

Strummin' the guitar and the grill

The last few days have been pretty calm (& calming). We are finishing up the last of our "cold food" i.e. meat & cheese. I tell you what, I am becoming quite the grill master out here. I don't know how some of these woman (& men) have a full-on work schedule, family schedule, whatever other schedule and still have time to cook well rounded meals for their families. It takes me all day just to decide and figure out how to cook the damn thing, then I actually have to do it! Just yesterday it took me about 4 hours to figure out what to do with these pork chops. I don't think I've ever cooked/grilled a pork chop in my life and being out here you don't have everything at your beck and call, so you have to be creative. I got creative all right, after all of that research and many forums later, I put my own spin on some of the dishes that were recommended and I think I did a swell job! I marinaded the chops in honey, soy sauce, a lil' bit of brown sugar and some garlic salt for about 2 hours and then grilled 'em up. I just added some corn which I tried to make it taste like corn on the cob (but not on the cob) with butter and salt and stuff but it just tasted like regular corn to me. I also made a side "salad" of tomatoes and avocado with some seasonings on it mostly for J', he doesn't really dig tomatoes and I LOVE them so I had to do something for him to eat his veggies! The plate was so full of food it seemed like we weren't very far from civilization at all...I did good!

[caption id="attachment_537" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Honey Soy Chops, Corn & Toma-Cado Salad...Yummm[/caption]

Other than researching and cooking one good solid meal a day, I've been trying to spend more and more time on Claramae. Some days I think I have it and some days I can't even seem to tune her . To say the least it's frustrating but I can't expect to be Numero Uno right off the bat, it just doesn't work that way with guitar.I'll learn it...someday!

[caption id="attachment_540" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Me & my girl[/caption]

I just have to remind myself that I have to practice at least 15 minutes a day or until my fingers start hurting 'til I can't play anymore or I won't get any better.  I've got a ton of support from my friends and family (most of them do play guitar) so it's nice to have encouragement from so far away. Love ya'll!

[caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Fire Fingers[/caption]

Tonight I made our last savory meal...Top Round Sirloin, not the best steak out there but cheap enough for us to have steak in the for this girl! I marinated the steak in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce with a bit of salt and pepper and some Montreal Steak Seasoning for about an hour. I put our trusty onion, potato and mushrooms in a foil packet, seasoned and grilled those babies up. I also made some spinach that I didn't think was going to come out any better than it was in the can...but once again I surprised myself. I drained the spinach (into Savannah's bowl of course, she needs her greens too!), I put in some salt pepper, garlic salt, butter buds (my new best friend), a packet of Stevia to cut the bitterness and a couple of slices of cheese (the last ones). I served up the plates and voila dinner was a success yet again!

[caption id="attachment_539" align="aligncenter" width="300"] BBQ Sirloin, taters onions & shrooms with the best spinach in town![/caption]

The spinach was a hit, J' LOVED it and told me to remember what I did so I could keep making it, that never gets said about canned spinach! Patting myself on the back...haha I cooked dinner so late that right after dinner we just packed it up for the night and came in. We're gonna watch a little boob tube and then J' will go to sleep and I will lay there trying to fall asleep for the next 7 stuff! Insomnia can suck it, haha

[caption id="attachment_538" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Our sunset in Joon Van's eyes[/caption]

Have a groovy night and hopefully your bellies are as full as ours tonight!


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