Thursday, November 12, 2015

Captured Moments = Priceless

It seems the more things I want to post about, the more I can't keep up!
Since I feel this way, this post is going to be mostly pictures of some moments I captured over the last several weeks.
I hope you enjoy!!
The skies are always so beautiful and forever changing in Sedona.

I fell in love with a bug! 

 This was the first time I've EVER seen one of these fantastically, beautiful bugs. 

This super shiny spider, that I have yet to identify. I thought it had its front legs picked up but I count 8 legs on the ground...must be fangs! Yikes!

Chili Moon spotted these guys!

A hot air balloon almost carried us away....

Just kidding! 
But it did actually land about 50 yards away from us!

And then another one landed just up on the hill
I guess you just never know where the next adventure will come from.... maybe the sky!
The last of three Super Moons 

The view from one of our favorite spots in Sedona

The beauty of Tlaquepaque and Los Abrigados Park

And (some of) the great people that make this life one more (big) part of why we love living in 'the wild'

I think I was set up! haha


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful pics and memories. So glad to be on this journey with you. ❤️

    1. So happy you are here with us as well! Every day is an adventure!

  2. I couldn't agree with Debra more. What an awesome adventure.

    1. Glad you two can be with us for all the fun and memories!