Monday, November 16, 2015

Quartzsite: Celia's Rainbow Garden

Each year we come to Quartzsite, Arizona for the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) but usually never at any other time. This year we decided to visit for a couple of weeks before the big crowds came...big crowds mean tons of traffic and people everywhere! With only the town folk and a few of us snowbirds, it's quite lovely to roam around town and actually see the sights that Quartzsite is known for.
Now that I have my lil' scoot, I can go on my own adventures and that's just what I did on Saturday. 
The men had some (manly) things to take care of, calling it, "Man-Shit Saturday" 
Fixing a broken wheel cylinder

Men will be men! Going to the car parts store with pieces of the car and cookies! haha

And I went to find the Town Park, (this whole time I never knew there was one)!
My first stop was to find Celia's Rainbow Garden. I had read that Celia's Garden was a beautiful place to walk, sit, think and meander through all of the lovely flowers, trees and plants. The only thing I knew going in was that it was a memorial for Celia Winer, the 8 1/2 year old daughter of Paul & Joanne Winer that died much much too young. Paul Winer is famous around Quartzsite for the bookstore he owns. To learn more about Celia and her garden, read here

And to learn a little bit more about Paul Winer, click the link here

My hunt for the Garden was a success, I think I spent about 2 hours there. 

The entrance with all of the donors and memorials listed on the slab of stone

The Entrance to Celia's Rainbow Garden

As I didn't know what to expect, I was quite surprised at the time, effort and beauty that has been instilled in this park. Some of the memorials are pretty impressive and are just so beautiful you have to spend time looking at everything their loved ones have left for them.

There were stones in the shoes, I found 4 beautiful natural purple stones and threw them in there for peace

Grant Young 1938-2008

This was one of the more extensive sites and one of my favorites

I love how they made a small campfire. The pokers have been used to roast marshmallows, I'd love it if they come to sit by the fire telling old stories!
Celia loved to name all of the trees, plants, cactus, etc. This was a great added touch!

Rotten Robert! Oh my gosh, haha

I fixed the stones back to their original state, I think the wind blew them all out. Red Hats Society, rock on!!!

Beautiful walkways

Another one of my favorites!

The Winers' and Quartzsite Garden Society have done an excellent job with this place
The mailbox called me to this site

How sweet! You can leave messages for the couple...and yes, I did!

Another wonderful memorial for RVW (RV Women)

This made me tear up

Roy must have LOVED ice cream! They have his chair and his bench too!

Still dancing on the other side....

I love the intricate much time has been spent here

Another musician

And another one


Adamsville was actually a real town, now a real Ghost Town. Babe Adams started building the (smaller) village in 1974. It was given to the Quartzsite Historical Society and was set in place at the Gardens in 2001. To learn more about the real Adamsville, read here:

 I am glad I set out on my discovery. I learned some things about Quartzsite & the people here that I wasn't aware of. I saw some really amazing memorial sites overflowing with love. The Quartzsite Garden Society alongside Joanne & Paul Winer and the community of Quartzsite have made this place so peaceful and really is its own Oasis. Who would have ever thought a place like this existed in the desert!!
Thank you Celia for your beautiful childlike eyes and your parents for being able to capture the beauty they saw in you.
Rest in Peace little butterfly


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful, touching post. I love how adventurous you are. You go girl! And thank you too for the information. This is a great post. I keep coming back to it and see something new every time. <3

  2. Thanks for the comment Debra! It was a nice day to walk around and see every little thing in the memorial. It's a great place to sit and enjoy the weather and peace.