Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hanging Tough

We had a great few weeks in Sedona. We actually camped with other people...gasp! If you know us, then you know we usually camp alone due to most people not being able to make it to where we are. At first it was difficult, for me, due to expending a ton of mental energy and not getting enough down time in between visits to refresh myself. I love our friends and road family but I'm learning I need a lot more down time for's quite exhausting to be around people, period.
Having said all of that, even though it was really different camping with people it was nice at the same time. We all got together on Sundays for Football, we did group Yin Yoga classes, the guys got together for guitar lessons while the girls did pedicures and we even went on a "field trip" to Sedona! 

Can't go wrong. Brats, Sausages and burgers!!

Yoga time

Joe's statue!

Silly girls

The gang at the Three Pigs Fountain
Lunch at El Rincon
I'm sure there's much more fun on the horizon.


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1 comment:

  1. More fun. And downtime. And beautiful friendships.
    silly girl2