Monday, January 14, 2013

A frying pan after my own heart

Today was full of many great things! First, we ran into Blythe to grab a few things we have wanted to get but keep forgetting to look for. One major thing I have been wanting for about 5 months now...the Orgreenic Non-stick Frying Pan. I have been wanting this because (of course) we saw it on the tele and it looks amazing and for barely any cleaning at all (great for my O.C.D.)...sooooo we got one! K-mart carries it as well as Wal-mart so it saved us a trip into Parker earlier than needed! I was so freakin' stoked to cook with this baby!

[caption id="attachment_3328" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Awwww, yeah[/caption]

We also got another green propane tank (the small ones), a little more than we wanted to pay but again, didn't want to take that trip into Parker. We were gifted a cooker a few days ago and it takes one of those green tanks and we were low so we will be cooking with a 'new' cooker and a new pot....Stoked!

When we got back to the R.T.R. the W.O.W. group (Women on Wheels) was just gathering together, in a small huddle, under blankets and many layers of clothing! Even if it is cold, it's important for us to get our Women time in!

[caption id="attachment_3329" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Women on wheels....and under blankets![/caption]

I think we were only able to get through the introductions, in the womens' group, until we got so cold that we all scattered like little monsters back to our warm forts! I was happy to be back in our fort not only because it was so incredibly warm but also due to chow time! I was so excited about this new pan, it was almost sad! haha Oh and we also bought toast!! Now we don't have to use our imaginations anymore, haha. See for the past few months, when we want something we don't have we just say to each other, "Just use your imagination!"

[caption id="attachment_3330" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Only .99 cents[/caption]

For example: One night J' wanted some french toast with butter, syrup and cinnamon...all the good stuff, instead he got out a piece of bread and the cinnamon and 'used his imagination'! It's been an on-going joke since then and it gets us through some pretty 'hard times' when we just can't have what we want at that specific always makes us laugh. 

J' cooked us up a super delicious linner (lunch/dinner): Hot, melty Roast Beef and cheese sammies with the all-famous B.L.T. chips and a cold refreshing (caffeine free) soder pop! I think we were both silent for the first 5 minutes of the was superb.

[caption id="attachment_3331" align="alignleft" width="150"] So cool![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3332" align="alignright" width="150"] The best meal everrrr[/caption]

Oh and the Orgreenic Non-stick pan is the bomb! We are going to keep only plastic in the pan while cooking to keep the ceramic from coming off and we are going to keep it covered when stored. It works just like it shows on the tele and the lack of clean-up is worth the $19.99 we spent on this wonderful piece of cookery. Every meal is fun to cook now! haha I can't wait to tell everyone about it (Yes, I'm a dork).

The little things people!

Savannah seemed bored with the whole pan thing...

but I'm sure if she was getting that Roast Beef she would be more alert! Too bad...she's not getting any of my wholesome beefy meal...okay, maybe a little.

Haven't you burned enough meals in this lifetime? Go Green today with the Orgreenic Ceramic Non-stick may actually want to cook again and clean up is a cinch!






  1. Thanks for the frying pan review! Seriously, I was wondering if it really worked because I thought if it did it would be great for camping! Now I gotta get me one! I have a cast iron one which is good over a camp fire but too smokey to use indoors, soI'm excited about the green one!

    Its been cold and wicked windy here for a few days. Consistent winds of at least 25 mph with gusts over 40 mph...... I swear the house shakes sometimes when the big gusts hit! I can't believe how cold its been for you guys! I hope you are all staying toasty! Hang in there.....spring is just around the corner (so I hear, lol!)

    Peace & warm hugs,

  2. I have been getting acquainted with your blog. I believe I have read it back to the beginning! I sense you sometimes are frustrated about the way the vehicle is organized etc. I am including some links that may be of interest to you.

    You may already be familiar or they may not suit your situation at all, but I thought you might find some tip you could use.
    VanDwellers have a Yahoo group:
    This forum thread started in 2009 by a man who bought a van to turn into a camper. It's 51 pages long and he has poured lots of $ and time into the conversion, but I find it fascinating:

    Here's a thread I found on making screens for vehicles:

    This guy does a lot of woodworking, but addresses other issues too:

    Hope things go well for you both. LG

  3. Thank you for all of that great information and for reading. I can't wait to get down on all of this information!

  4. This frying pan is the bomb! I LOVE it, we have told everyone within a mile from us about it and have turned a few people onto it! It's awesome, it's not as heavy as a cast iron skillet and definitely doesn't smoke like one! I rave about this pan! haha