Monday, January 21, 2013

Cookies! Cookies! Bulldog?? Cookies!

I'm not really a political kinda we haven't been around T.V. or radio for the past week, so waking up (turning the tube on) and seeing the 2nd Inauguration of Barack Obama was a little unexpected.

[caption id="attachment_3520" align="alignleft" width="150"]Where are the bathrooms? Where are the bathrooms?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3521" align="alignright" width="150"]Another Four Years... Another Four Years...[/caption]

We laid in bed and watched for about an hour, then decided we'd be here all day if we kept on with this business and finally turned the tele off and got out of the fort. Today we would be driving back over to Quartzsite. The final outcome of the games yesterday decided that the San Francisco 49'ers and the Baltimore Ravens (Beth~ J's moms' team) will be going to the Superbowl. May the best team win!

As we were driving back in, we definitely saw a huge difference from the landscape of last week to this moment. I think this was the time to say...Welcome to Quartzsite! This was the sight that was in our minds that we had not seen yet: Hundreds if not thousands of RV's off in the distance, like a sea of white...the brown specks being the buildings, polka-dotted in between. Just for fun, we drove around town like we were just arriving for the very first time.

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[caption id="attachment_3534" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Quartzsite Quartzsite[/caption]

 The energy was high in town, we threw the idea around of going to the big tent today but after sitting in traffic for 35 minutes only to drive a couple of miles, we decided to just drive back to the R.T.R. camp.

[caption id="attachment_3536" align="alignleft" width="150"]A week ago A week ago[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3535" align="alignright" width="150"]B.L.M. Today B.L.M. Today[/caption]

Even on B.L.M. there was a definite difference in the amount of people that were here. Before we started living this way, we had no idea that living/camping/parking (whatever you want to call it) like this, even existed. It's a lifestyle that is good to know about (and how to do it) and it's been super easy and seems to just keep getting easier, for us anyway! And just to reiterate how easy it is...we got back just in time for Happy Hour! Although, most of our hours are happy!


383 390


When it started getting dark, we walked to Joon to get some warmer clothes on (I was still wearing my cool new pants, oh pics at the end, with my flops and a pull-over) tootsies were freezing! We got in the van, Savannah followed and then Rain (Jenn & Johnny's pup) jumped in the van, (I thought, "Sweet, "slumber party", although we were just layering)...then this Bulldog, whom I had never met before jumped in after Rain. Oh My Gosh!! I was laughing soooooo hard. He was snorting and climbing on me, trying to give me kisses...he blended right into the mix. It was the funniest frickin' thing I had seen all day...I couldn't stop laughing. It was just so random! Later, I would find out this 10 month old Bulldog's name is Bruce! Ohhhh, Bruce.

[caption id="attachment_3542" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Who are you? Who are you?[/caption]

We layered up and walked over to a dinner invite from Lees & Bernie. Bernie was a good man and 'spoiled my dinner' with Oreo's before the main course! He's a true friend, haha. We had a scrumptious dinner together, ending with Lesa turning me onto a totally different type of cookie. It was like a caramel cookie crisp, we came to the conclusion that they were a crispy, flaky, flattened waffle cone! Yummers! After dinner, we walked over to  the campfire. We met a couple of new faces, laughed about the U.F.O.'s (Japanese Lanterns) flying through the sky and ate about 6 different types of cookies. The next thing I know Joey brings out some chocolate chip cookies and some chocolate wafer things.

[caption id="attachment_3543" align="alignleft" width="150"]Elephant Lion Seal Elephant

[caption id="attachment_3550" align="alignright" width="150"]I'm spoiled I'm spoiled[/caption]

It must have been National Cookie Day...well it was where we were! I can't pass up a cookie, haha!

I think tonight was really great. The R.T.R. 'ends' tomorrow, some people will be staying and some people will be leaving. It has been so great getting to know the people we have been able to meet and creating new friendships. This time will always be remembered, for us, as well as many others that joined this group, for however long they were able to. We have learned from others as we have been told others even learned from us! It's fun to meet up with like-minded individuals, see how they do things, get great ideas and even find a travel partner or two along the way. What a great event this R.T.R. is. A special thank you to Bob for pulling everyone together whether it was for teaching, learning, creating masterpieces, living spaces or friendships, comfort, exercise or just to do something you've never done before. I know we have our 'things' that we are taking away from it and I know everyone else does too. I can't say how it is in other group settings (with campers/dwellers) but it has been a pleasure camping amongst this group. I think we have a pretty sweet gang and am happy to be able to call you friends...never thought I'd find so many friends in the desert!

I wish every one of you safe travels.

Here's to our paths crossing again

hoping it's sooner (rather) than later

my traveling friend.

...and here are the pics of my new pants!!

[caption id="attachment_3524" align="alignleft" width="150"]New nails & pants New nails & pants[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3522" align="alignright" width="150"]Nuevo Pantalones Nuevo Pantalones[/caption]

Aren't they rockin'!?


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  1. Well, I won't be bringing any snorting bulldogs, but I will make sure I have Oreo's in the van when we meet up again! The RTR was truly a great experience indeed.