Sunday, January 6, 2013

Touring the Town, Subdued in Sickness

Well the past few days have been everything but magical and fantastical. The hubs has not been feeling his best, almost at the same time as our arrival in Quartzsite. We thought it was from "staying out late" one night but then we discovered there was more to it than just a night at the fire pit... stomach bug? flu? We don't know what it is but it has been sucking the life out of my babaa'...poor babaa'. Today he was feeling better (not right, but better) earlier in the morning/afternoon so we went to town to drive around and get our bearings.

We stopped in the Dollar General to say hi to a friend we saw on the road and also grabbed some Campbell's chicken soup! I sat in the van and shot some selfie's while they talked 'business'...

We drove down to the middle of town where the first of the tents are up and selling their stuff. We walked around, talked to a satellite/antennae guy, looked at some beautiful beads, stones and crystals...Oh oh oooohhhhhh...We saw a Dragon kite. A Dragon-Kite! I love both of those things and here they were combined...I looked at J' and he said, "Let's just walk around first." haha Sometimes I'm like a 4 year old, everything catches my eye and I want it all!

[caption id="attachment_3196" align="aligncenter" width="225"] They have it all here![/caption]

We also found a pretty sweet tent through an 'alley way'.  We were looking at the crystals and stones and I turned my head and saw a rack of clothes down this pathway. I said to J', "Are those pants..." as I walk down the alley pathway! They were pants. Amazing awesome colorful pants indeed. These had to be my pants. We walked around for about 10 more minutes and then walked back to the tent and bought my pants! I don't have a picture of them yet...I've gotta have something to string you along! haha

We got back to camp and had some pot roast with Joey & Bill then headed in for the night. Today was a bit better on the illness level for J', hopefully it keeps getting better.

Tonight I give a Cheers to everyone's health...Cheers!


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