Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kickin "It" in Quartzsite

 I was stirred awake this morning by some loud noises right outside of my window. I laid there for about 10 minutes or so until I got restless enough to raise the blinds. This is what I saw...

Well, that's a little close I think! My goodness, now we were sitting in the van watching all of this and commenting on the whole thing. We agreed, maybe we shouldn't have parked here but we parked right behind an entire line of RV's and campers...the parking lot was already full of RV's and campers, we really didn't think anything of it. Then we also went through the other side...maybe they should put these HUGE containers in the back lot where there was much more room than on the side of the building where other big trucks could get in to be able to do this job. I think if you have ever slept at a Wal-mart in whatever kind of vehicle you know exactly the conversations that were had in our fort! The guy did his job really well and was on his way 15 minutes later. We took our time getting up, we knew what was happening today and didn't need to rush anything. We had shopping and driving to do.

Today we drove into Quartzsite and met back up with Bob and the gang at the Winter R.T.R. spot (The R.T.R. starts on the 8th).

[caption id="attachment_3162" align="aligncenter" width="300"] We have arrived[/caption]

We arrived and gave hugs and hellos to some of our peeps. Not a lot of people here at the moment but that will change over the next few days. After scoping out a few spots, we decided on the area behind the main pit. It is a little further away from the Highway and off the road a bit's just beautiful back here.

Shark Week is on it's arrival so I am not feeling like the spunky monkey I usually am. After we settled in enough, J' went over to say hi to everyone at the fire pit and Savannah & I called it a girls night in. So far I have rolled the bed out, laid in it, got up, drank some Apple Juice, ate some Muenster cheese,  laid down, snuggled with my Bug, got up, turned the heat on, ate some Christmas Crunch,  got out my crochet stuff (my new hobby I'm starting), watched a tutorial on how to crochet for beginners, spent about 35 minutes trying to tie a knot around the hook and loop-di-looing this piece of yarn...did not work!  I laid back down...we don't get any antennae TV here so this whole time I'm laying here listening to music...I figured it was time to break down and get out the whole TWO DVD's I brought! I dug out the holder and put in the movie of the night: Joe Dirt. I love that movie, it's just so silly...makes me laugh just thinking of it! Now, I am off to Snoozerville and will hopefully be dancing with the sheep in no time...but maybe I'll eat something first!


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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are taking up crocheting. Good luck and don't give up. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :-)
    I hope everything is well. Stay safe and healthy. Lots of flu business going around. Keep some salt in the "home". Gargling with it is a good sanitizer. That's how I manage to keep all those kiddie germs away everyday. I also hear an onion cut up, absobs germs. Google it. :-)

    Best to all. Hugs for you and Savanah!!! Peace and <3