Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strike that...Reverse

We had planned on coming out to Ehrenberg once again to catch the playoff games this weekend, but we also had to back track and try to find something that was misplaced a few days ago...J's backpack. What happened was we went to the Flying J to take showers and J' wanted to give me some room so he took his backpack, left and went back out to the van. From there I never saw the backpack, we ran a couple more errands: the grocery store, the hardware store, and out to the desert to dig 'the hole'.  When we got back to Q' that day, I was repacking the van and couldn't find J's backpack, I asked him where it was and we were both at a loss...where did that backpack go? We ran over all of the places it could be and decided that there really wasn't anything in there to get panicked about so we rode out the rest of the week and came back out to the desert yesterday for the games. We figured we would check in the desert first, then if J' wanted to (and the pack wasn't there) then we would go to the Flying J and ask if anything was turned in. We drove up to where we had last been in the desert and what do you know...there was his backpack right under the tree he had set it under to take other things out of the van....the bag never made it back in the van and here it was!!! haha Funny how things work out, huh!? The thing was that it was all dirty clothes that he really didn't care if he had lost them, actually out of everything the backpack would have been the biggest loss. We bought this Jansport backpack at a thrift store about 4 years ago for $4.00, they are about $40-50! We have been reunited with the bag though and glad we don't have to buy new undies, socks and a new pack! A small relief but still a relief.

We parked in a familiar spot and J' hooked up everything for the TV. He bought some hardware to tighten the pole (PVC pipe!) to the cargo basket, so it sits higher in the air.


260We found our 13 channels and pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day, working...piddlin'. I'm practicing my crocheting...still trying to get the hang of that first basic chain. Hoping to move on soon to actually get some things made...I want to make some flowers, to put on bobby pins, to put in my hair. For now, I'm going to paint my nails with the new color J' got me...thanks babaa'!



**Misplaced hand-written copy**

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