Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, Aren't We A Talented Bunch!?!?

I noticed this morning as I was (trying) to walk Savannah, that she didn't want to go on a walk today... hmmmm. Something must be wrong! This little animal spirit of mine loves her walks. She was hobbling a little and after only walking about 15 feet from the van, doing her #1 potty she then limped back over to the van and stood outside waiting for me to open the door...weird. I thought I had done a pretty good job looking over her paw last night, after the evening walk, but maybe I hadn't. I picked her up and put her on her back in the chair, got my head-lamp out and checked her over again, even daddy did a second check. One of the gals here, Sara, is an E.M.T. and saw me checking her out and offered to wrap her foot up with some padding so she could at least try to walk on it without pain. What a nice gesture! She wrapped it up in this blue gauzey sticky tape stuff and gave me a little extra for later, in case it fell off...or she takes it off! When I put Savannah back on the ground, I'm sorry but I couldn't stop laughing.  She kept picking her foot up so far off the ground, it was almost like she was waving to everyone...poor baby! 

[caption id="attachment_3455" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Gimpy Gimpy[/caption]

I think the blue tape stuff stayed on for about an hour before I was re-wrapping it...she does not like anything touching her feet...what a chore! I wrapped it back up and we went over to spend time with the ladies in another wire wrapping class. Daddy went with Bernard and Sara to town, so Savannah would be with mommy today...Girls' Day!!! I love Miss Cherry's wrapping classes, they are always entertaining and fun and you actually learn stuff! We did, what I'm going to call an Intermediate class...not basics! haha I think the other women can vouch for that! Luckily, for me, I've done quite a lot of wrapping lately so any class is just another step in the learning process. We learned some new twists and turns and loops and some other stuff that was not on the schedule, haha. Today was a much better day for wrapping then the first class, the sun was shining bright and I was definitely getting my dose of Vitamin D this afternoon! Savannah was such a good girl too, she sat the entire class in a chair next to me, looking off into the distance, waiting for daddy to come back. Even though the class was about three hours long this time around, it was great! Us ladies learned tons of new stuff, caught up on our lady time (& chocolate) and Savannah was able to rest her gimpy foot! Once J' was back with the tribe you would have never known she had an injury...I guess the downtime was needed.

To feel part of the experience, here are some pics of our wire wrapping journey...

[gallery columns="4" ids="3440,3441,3442,3443,3444,3445,3446,3458,3447,3459,3448,3460,3449,3450,3451,3452"]

 Pretty awesome, huh!?

After the class, everyone retreated to different areas to do different things...I came back to Joon Van to rest my eyes & brain for a bit. Staring at wire for three hours and learning new things as well is quite exhausting! J' and I visited and talked about our day, first time we've been apart for that long in a very long time! It was nice to get a little R'n'R,  for tonight was Talent Night! Yep, this R.T.R. has everything!

Talent Night consisted of a major variety of talent, it was very entertaining! The night started off with quite a few jokes...most of them J' had to repeat to me later because I couldn't hear, so I was missing out, haha. Lori sang a few of her songs and played the guitar getting everyone involved in the Chorus! Randy recited a few of his expressive and humorous poems. Laura sang us some Patriotic melodies getting everyone involved singing along...she even rocked an American flag! Lucy did an acting piece from RENT...she rocked that scene!!

[gallery ids="3472,3471,3475,3470,3473,3474"]

A talented bunch we are

at this here, R.T.R.

A fantastical night 

The Moon shining bright

Everyone here is a Star.


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  1. It was wonderful to meet you guys! Looking forward to pur paths crossing, again!