Friday, March 15, 2013

Driving into the Spotlight

The land here on Joshua Tree's BLM is vast, there is so much land out here I have to think the only reason for  no other campers is the heat. When we drove in yesterday we only saw 2 other big rigs, right at the entrance to Water District Road. No one has driven down as far as we have, which is nice and what we like...our bubble. This morning, I started my 21-day meditation course, even though I didn't start with "the group", I feel right now just getting into the mix of it is a step in the right direction. I think it will be easier on public/BLM land than anywhere else... but I started, that's big. I took my computer, a little mat, a blanket, my notebook, my water and set-up in a nice shady spot on the side of the van. It would be nicer to have some noise cancelling headphones...they will now be going on my wish list!

028 BLOG sz

Even though pretty peaceful, there were still noises I could hear from my spot: J', Nana, the oscillating fan, the uoosh (usual). A very nice 15, er... 16 minutes with myself. Oprah & Deepak Chopra are holding a 21-day meditation course where they walk you through a lot of different things: Mantras, techniques, balancing thought of the day, a full "guided" meditation, then after the meditation there are reflection questions and a journal to write in. I like it, pretty good stuff to 'wake-up' to.

What a great day to sit outside and feel the nature all around you. The sun shining very brightly...almost too bright and hot! The breeze is a little slower today but still great when you can find the right balance between sunshine and shade. A great reason to have those "shade-camping chairs"...the ones with the built in roof...they are great for days like this! The flowers are blooming in the desert, at least on the cactus around pretty!

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... some time later

We took a drive about 6:30 p.m. We knew there is a town just on the other side of this mountain...about 10 miles or so, we needed to re-supply and were getting a little itchy feet, wanting to move on. The road that we were camped on empties out onto the Frontage Road of the freeway, so only a few dirt road miles until we were coasting down the highway!

063n BLOG sz

The two main cities that are closest to Joshua Tree are Indio and Coachella, we looked into the two casino's there and read that there is camper parking at both. We drove to one: Spotlight 29, then over to the other one: Fantasy Springs Resort. We weighed our options and chose the Spotlight 29 for many different reasons, but one main reason was being able to walk around a nice looking place with beautiful landscaping and grass everywhere. Savannah would be in heaven!

079 BLOG sz

We'll see what this place has to offer in the morning, but it seems that we are inching our way to the coast more and more every day. Exciting times, man!


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