Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Poppin' in Palm Springs

Today seemed like a good day to switch it up a bit...time to move on. Palm Springs here we come!

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We drove in around 12:45-ish, maybe even 1 p.m. Palm Springs is a gorgeous area, the landscaping is done just beautifully: lush green plants & trees, among the prettiest flowers everywhere. When we mentioned to a friend, a few weeks ago that we would be in Palm Springs, she said she would be here for another couple of weeks...another reason to stop for a few days. We drove into town and stopped to find our bearings before driving all over...only finding the town is much smaller than we thought so driving around to find things was much easier.

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We connected with our friend, Sayward, over the phone...she wouldn't be back in town for a couple of hours. We used that time to go frolic downtown! The downtown area of Palm Springs is pretty awesome. It's very artsy! The way it is laid out, it kind of reminds me of a mix between Lincoln Road in Miami with a blend of Denver. I love it! ♥ 

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They have the Forever Marilyn statue: a 26 foot tall bronze & stainless steel statue of Marilyn Monroe, in her most famous pose in her white dress blowing all around her, it weighs over 34,000 lbs.! It was pretty rad. 

[caption id="attachment_4143" align="aligncenter" width="225"]See the Arrow!? See the Arrow!?[/caption]

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They even have their own Walk of Stars...not with the handprints but cool nonetheless. We stopped and talked to a chick on the street, who recently just became homeless and couldn't be more happy with herself. J' was giving her ideas about selling her art at the upcoming art festival next weekend. We named her "Palm Springs Chrissy". She is the most positive, proud, happy, outspoken 'homeless' person I've ever talked was a nice, upbeat conversation. We walked the entire downtown area, getting some pretty nice pictures, we found some great parking spots and then headed over to meet up with Say where she is staying. We pulled up and there she was, just as beautiful as ever! It's always nice to see radiant, shining people. We got parked behind her & leveled-up, then over to enjoy her hugs. I'm sure we sounded like chickens: squawkin', gigglin', talkin', hugging, laughing...great! After getting settled in our spot, we joined her in her rig for the remainder of the night, chattin' away getting all caught up on the last 3 months of our lives. She is really easy to spend time with, she sees life in the positive and has good insights on a lot of different topics. The night was relaxing and full of good energy...the time just flew by. 

We will spend a few days here with Say, taking time for work and time for play. She says there is sooo much to show us...woohoo, our personal tour guide!

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  1. Tell (Wayward Sayword) I said...Hello!! You tell her that and she will get a good laugh!

  2. We had that statue of Marilyn here in Chicago, and people started making a big deal of how it was inappropriate and they got rid of it. They should get rid of some of the shows on TV for inappropriateness. :/

    Have fun!!! Keep on "Vanin'"(truckin') :-)

    Peace @ <3