Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ripened Fruit Overload

Waking up this morning was fun, we scoped out the Spotlight and got some grass under our feet again. We went on a nice, long stroll around the outskirts of the casino, all of their land very well manicured and just beautiful, a nice sight to see. We took our shoes off and walked barefoot in the grass, what a beautiful feeling!

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We mozied for about an hour and a half before making it all the way back to the van. The parking lot has some nice rigs and some smaller, older rigs but all in all, we're all welcome and that's what counts. I can even put my chair outside and hang out with Savannah, she can try to hunt around where I'm's still hot here! There are bunnies/rabbits on the other side of the wash that are just driving Savannah batty!

[caption id="attachment_4174" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Bunny Foo Foo Bunny Foo Foo[/caption]

Today, I've mostly been working on my blog...changing some things, making everything else look better. It's nice to still be in my chair, even if I'm on the side of the van in a parking lot! There is a wash that is right behind us and the only thing that's a little 'bothersome' is the two main highways that run behind the casino...lots of trucking noise. When you're in the van, you can't hear it at the tele was on last night, so no street noise in here!

We also learned...the messy way, that you should never put your fruit on your dashboard when it's 100 degrees outside and the sun is barreling down right on-top of the window where said fruit was put. All day J' kept saying, "It smells like a fruit stand in here, All you can smell is the fruit in here." Finally, he asked me for the cantaloupe...I went to grab it out of the dashboard and it was sooo hot I could barely pick it up. It made me realize just how hot the dash was (even with sun-blocker shades). I started grabbing all of the bags of fruit and veggies: Oranges, Bananas, Avocados and the Cantaloupe. J' cut into one of the oranges and steam was coming out, he was getting burned by the juice trying to eat it, the avocados were a light brown, the banana's were burnt black...oy vey! No wonder fruit and veggie trees have leaves on cover the good stuff from the sun! Who woulda thunk!? haha We learned our lesson...the messy way...with black banana juice running down my leg when I took it to the trash...ick, sorry about that disgusting image.

[caption id="attachment_4175" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Whoa Black Betty! Whoa Black Betty![/caption]

It kind of sucked because we just bought all of that fresh fruit last night, so we had to throw all of the bananas away for sure...we tried to hang on to the Oranges and Avocados but they were all burnt up and bitter by the time we tried one of them...after the heat escaped! That was just crazy! I guess we have to figure something else out for breakfast!

Have you checked out your fruity smell today!?




  1. Hey Guys,glad to see y'all are still having fun!! I'm in Alabama and it's cold and Temps. tomorrow 44/28,heading for the Everglades next week. See y'all next time.

  2. Good to hear from you Joey! Sorry to hear that it's cold, thanks! ha We wish you the safest travels and all the fun! Much love brotha'!