Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting back in the saddle again...sitting a little sideways!

Oh my goodness! We have been so freakin' sick, I haven't had any time to get my thoughts straight on a daily basis, so posting had to be put on a back burner. Sorry if I worried anyone. One of the things we have learned about being on the road is that we are never around people that often, either big groups or small groups or kids or whatever, so our immune systems are full of nothing but fresh air and Mother Nature! haha Not that great when you actually come into contact with all of the above. I think the big thing that did me in was that Girl Scouts meeting I went to with my lil' noodlebugs...we were in an Elementary school cafeteria (kid germs everywhere) with 15 young girls (more germs) sitting very close to one another...and me for an hour and a half! Yep, I think that sums up where I got all of the "outside" germs from. We are finally feeling fresh enough to go visit some other people before leaving the area. It has been good to just be able to be sick but at the same time we are both NEVER (head/chest cold) sick so it has been an interesting 2 weeks. If we could both just get over this cough we would be 100%...stupid cough!

So, I have some posts to write about some things that we did in Tucson while we were there that I haven't written about yet...or just plain forgot until that my head is clear! Crazy what a "simple" cold from hell can do to you.

Here's to everyone and their health...Have you taken your Vitamins today?



  1. We've been in Tucson awhile, but if you're harboring Girl Scout germs it's a good thing we didn't meet! We would have given you a hug and then sanitized ourselves right there in front of you.

    Hope you're feeling recuperative and stronger.

  2. Thank you ladies! Feeling much better, on the road again hitting up everyone in our paths, hee hee. I shall be posting soon to tell of the tales! Ihope you guys can stay cool in the heat, where you heading next?