Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Ultimate Update!!!

Since we are rounding the end of September and it's been almost two months since an actual (fun) post, I figured that I would update you on all you've missed...because there's no way I'm going back and writing two months of past posts! HA!!

So everyone knows that I went to Orlando to help the moms move at the beginning of August...right? Right.

Here's what happened after the trip:

While in Orlando, my little owling and I got matching Owl tattoos on the underneath side of our arms (mine on my left, hers on her right).

The moms new house is big and gorgeous and I was able to see my sister, Brooks.

We spent time in the pool with the pups, bought me a bomb pair of boots (the only reason why I can't wait for the weather to get cooler!), and I got my first pairs of skinny jeans (that I have to go return because they are too loose!)

We went on a weekend trip to Tahoe with friends...where we saw a dozen bacherlorette parties taking shots, playing games and beer bonging a flamingo!

J' got a metal detector...yes finally....remember the trip to the Superstition Mountains? That's all he talked about! (Weaver's Needle)

We got surprise tickets to the Giants vs. Red Socks game, where we got free beer, spent too much on food and J' broke one of his back molars!

J' picked up full weeks of work with a longtime friend to be able to pay for all the dental bills (now do you see why we're still in the Bay area!?)

J' has been dirt bike riding a couple of weekends, something he loves!

I learned a full song on the guitar! My computer broke...yes, still broken. And I got a new hat.

J' has been fixing up the van on his weekends. Look at how handy this man is:

  • New Radiator

  • New Water Pump

  • New Rancho front shocks

  • Suspension Belt

  • AC Pump (done in the shop)

  • Power Steering Pump (done in the shop)

  • Put "pucks" in front, lifting it about 5 inches

  • New shackles in back

  • New Leaf Springs (5 springs now instead of 3) in back

  • New Rancho shocks in the back

  • (All of the work on the back raised us up about another 3 inches...yes about 8 inches of a lift overall)

He is a hard working man I tell ya, all that work, other than the two pumps, were all done by his own two hands, on his time off on the weekends! Yes, ladies I am a lucky girl....he saves us a lot of money too!!! We still have a few more items that we are staying here to work for...plus the dental bills, but it's turning out to be a great thing. We are pretty much pushing a huge refresh button on our home, it's amazing!

Alright, there's still more to review here. Let's see.....

We moved back into the van full-time. At first it wasn't the easiest of all things but has turned into an adventure again and it's nice to be in our own space and something that WE own!

We were given a 2nd bicycle, so I started riding my bike a little bit here and there. I'm not too keen on riding it around the city because people are totally crazy whack-a-doodle drivers here and I'm afraid of getting hit, so I put the bike in the van and go to this awesome park we found and ride. One day I got on it in my flops and rode 9.5 miles right on the bay, it was delightful!!

We've been to a few State Beaches: Half Moon Bay, Montara, and Pacifica.

We went to Golden Gate Park and were able to get some pics in front of the Golden Gate Bridge! (How magical and romantic it is by that bridge!?)

And last but definitely not least, the freshest thing in this family is our newest gypsy addition, Chili Moon a 4 yr. old Deer Chihuahua with the sweetest face & temperament and thee longest legs you'll ever see on such a teeny pup!

I may be missing some things but you can see that we've been quite the busy little bees in the Bay area. While we were only planning on visiting a friend for a month and moving along, we are glad that we are able to get everything needed and wanted for the van, pay off the dental bills, see our friends, make new friends, tour around the San Fran area and get our new lil gypsy!

Being here has been a huge reminder to us why we chose the traveling lifestyle and the life we lead. It's made us appreciate everything A LOT more, as well as each other and our relationship with one another. We cannot wait to get back on the road and live the free life once again, where J' doesn't have to wake up to an alarm and be away from us all day, where we can frolick in the enchanted forest or dance in the desert, where if we want to snuggle in the fort all day then it's totally on and that's what will happen, where we make our own rules... then break them, where anything goes because that's the way we like it.

Yep, we can't wait and when we become free birds once again, we are going to celebrate like we know how, with smiles on our faces, a beer in our hand, a dog on each lap with friends swapping stories of anything and everything.

We are counting down the days and hope to see you all very soon. I think our first stop will be the Winter R.T.R. in Quartzsite (what better place to celebrate)....so we'll see you there!!

Come out and LIVE your life with us!

See you soon



  1. My les paul is the world to me. That's all i have to say.

  2. Hey Kyndal! Thanks for the great update. Lots of interesting stuff going on with you guys. James may have told you that me and the critters are getting out of here soon - hopefully to be full-time. That's the plan. We should be headed out in the Toyota camper within a few weeks. We're going for AZ initially and plan on the winter Rubber Tramp Rendezvous for sure.

    I told Cruiser about Chili Moon and he got all excited about meeting her. He'll be one year by the time of the RTR, and is still small - about 8 or 9 pounds & of course, super full of life still.

    Take care & hope to see you guys soon!


  3. So much adversity in such a short stretch of time! And yet so much fun and triumph amongst it. You two are my heros!

    I really can't wait to see you again!

  4. Glad to have you back! Missed my gypsy fix.

  5. Can't wait to see you too Bob!! Yes, tons of change...all good. Can't wait to get back out with our friends and just BE!! It's going to be the best gathering for us, yet!! Love ya

  6. BRAD!!! Hey man....so glad to hear that you are finally getting out...woohoo!!! We will definitely be seeing you at the RTR! Can't wait. Chili Moon reminds us a lot of Cruiser, they are about the same size, (he might even be bigger than her)...just little babies, so cute!! Soooo excited about seeing you and spending some good quality time together!
    We love ya dude!

  7. Good! I didn't lose ya Dan!!! Good to see you too!

  8. Hi! Great update. I noticed your blog a few months ago and really enjoyed hearing about your travels in the mini RV. I lost track, but I'm back and glad to see some updates.

    I too am looking to start this lifestyle soon and I may be doing it in a Chevy Astro van as well. I'm a one person operation, so if you two can do it, I should be able to hang with the small space.

    Can't wait to hear more...


  9. Awesome Traveling Troy!! Thanks for sticking around even though I've been M.I.A. due to my computer...hoping to get that fixed soon! I know you can do it in an Astro especially being solo. We do love the Astro, could use a little bit more storage but we make do and make it work...now if I could only get a way to organize (and keep organized) all of these damn cords and wires, I'd have a little bit more grin in my smile!!
    Thanks for commenting and I hope to get back on track with more posts in no time at all!