Friday, May 29, 2015 wifi right now

Hello hello hello!
Just wanted to post real quick and let everyone know we haven't fallen off the planet or anything, we've been traveling and the places we are moving around do not have any (or barely have) signal and our wifi hot spot is out of data for another week.

Right now, as I'm typing we are sitting outside of a McDonald's trying to get their wifi but going back and forth between McD's and Burger King. Very weak signal strength but maybe just enough to get this post out!

We did find warmer weather! I think we've had about 5-6 different Winters so far this year and we were sick of it so we decided to go somewhere new and fresh and warm...and boy did we get warm! haha 

I will fill in more details when I have a great connection and can load up pics to tell the story but for now please know we are safe, getting a ton of exercise and putting new fresh things into our eyeballs!