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  1. Just a question for those who camp the winter in Arizona. I am going to be travelling and living out of my motorcycle sidecar and would like to venture into the warmer US in the winter. I tent and use canvas covers as I have plenty of room in the sidecar to store these items. My motorcycle gets great mileage compared to a truck or van. Is it safe and comfortable in the desert with a tent? I live in Canada and have no problems or fears of bears and other animals but have no experience with spiders, scorpions, and snakes. Is a strong, sealed tent a good cover to keep these "crawlies" off? Wandering Canadian want to know.

  2. Hello Mr. Canada Joe! We have a couple of friends that do the same thing, travel on their motorcycles or dirt bikes! I would think the tent would be fine in the desert, snakes and scorpions can move into anything that is shady, OPEN and comfortable but if the tent were zipped up and tight, I don't see that being a problem. We have seen many rattlesnakes and only 2 scorpions in almost 4 years, you can move them out of camp or "dismiss" them any way you choose...your camp, your choice, we try to make the best judgement call for the situation! Coyotes are more timid around humans, so I can't really see a Coyote trying to bother you in the tent, and Bears...well I've never seen a bear in the desert but I'm only one person! Spiders get everywhere, they are sneaky lil critters, doesn't matter what you do, you'll find one here and there but they are mostly so small that they don't bother you. We find them in the van sometimes but they are smaller than ants most the time, never have seen one bigger than a nickel in the van and we keep our doors open and put stuff on the ground. A good reminder, ALWAYS knock off shoes, or socks or jackets if kept outside before putting on, also if you keep bins or boxes outside, a little kick or knock on the side can't hurt! Hope that helps a little bit!

  3. At BLM LTVA area's can i use my RV's outside shower where the shower water/soapy rinse would just run off onto the ground? am talking about maybe 2 ot 3 gals of water on the ground a day! i was thinking if its ok, i would make a pan with a drain hose for the shower water would drain 20 ft or so away from rv and this hose would be able to locate into a different area ever couple of days....your thoughts, thanks glenn

    1. Hey Glenn!
      I don't see the problem, especially if you are using nature friendly soap. We even have friends that put down a tarp when they shower to collect the can get a little messy if you're around soft sad or the rocks have cleared away from walking around the area. You could also use that same water for rinsing the van afterwards, if you wanted to re-use it, it would be great for that. I'm not sure how LTVA's would see it, as we've never stayed in one, but BLM you have a ton of land you and privacy. As long as the soap is nature friendly-bio soap, I don't think you'll have a problem! We love our (outside) solar shower and use it all time!Hope this helps!

  4. ps the LTVA would most likely be Quartzsite area. also i would use a bio soap...thanks again. glenn

  5. Hi...we also have traveled to Parker and love love it....across the river from parker on Parker Dam road is a little area called Crossroads, it is a awesome little BLM have to pay 5.oo a night but it is awesome. Beside it is a campground that is members can walk right in there, do your laundry, shower and use their pool. we have done it numerous times and have never been asked who we are or if we stay there. I usually take a backpack of laundry, put it in the wash then go for a shower. The campground has garbage bins and a vault toilet. enjoy the view from your site of the river it is awesome, Oh and you may even get a visit from some donkeys in the middle of the night. Cheers!

  6. Thanks for the response. I thought y'all camped just on the edge of ltva? I read where one person did as I asked but showered in a container, then he would collect the gallon or 2 and go water a plant here an there lol. I don't see a problem after all it's just the desert dust/dirt with maybe sweat and natures own water with bio soap! As long as it isn't making a mess. Thanks.

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  8. headed out of montana with my tiny Kenworth (that's not done)... I am a woodworker of way to many years... love to help out... got tools.. I won't be down until second half of November... love to find you...
    please advise..