I have created a share site on Shutterfly to be able to share more of the pics that I take but are just too many to put into a blog post.

You can simply view the site at

If you would like to become a member of my Share site and/or Shutterfly, the registration is FREE. Being a member, you will receive weekly updates when I add new pictures, new albums or comments. You can add comments as well, which I would absolutely love! You could also use Shutterfly for yourself if you need somewhere to upload your pics, kind of like having a back-up. There is unlimited photo storage for free...doesn't get much better than that! I've been using Shutterfly for over 4 years now and absolutely love it.

I'm not trying to sell you anything (umm, it's free)...

I just know how much I love being able to have my pictures anywhere in the world by the click of a button!

I hope you enjoy the share site as much as I do!


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