Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catch me if you can

I'm not going to's really easy to find other things to do than sit down and write a post for this blog. I guess I only have myself to blame, along with my new computer (and my other lame excuses)...which has taken up a good majority of my time with the screen jumping back and forth, back and forth...I swear you breathe on the mouse and the screen jumps to another screen. I had made the excuse (to myself) that I can't write a post without all of my pictures, so I finally got all of my pictures on the computer. Then, I made the excuse that I don't have anything to write about (an excuse I've been making for about 7 months now...oops). Then, I was making the excuse that no one is interested in this blog anyway....then I went to the RTR and people kept telling me they WERE reading the blog up until about 3 months ago when they realized I wasn't updating anymore. So I was excited to start writing again but now that it's been so long, I feel like I've lost my verve for tha' word.

[caption id="attachment_5207" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Feeling Flat Feeling Flat[/caption]

So bear with me peeps, while I try to get my groove back. I may ramble and I will try not to vent too much, for there are things that have happened within the last couple of months that have really irked me and I'm trying to keep the negatives out...negative thoughts AND negative people.

There is a ton of awesome in the here and now though and on the horizon for us. For example, we have found a great spot to camp for a couple of months (hopefully), with solitude and amazing views and pretty good weather. Chili Moon is doing amazingly well in this lifestyle, she never ventures away from the van and loves to smell the air in the wind and feeling the sunshine on her skin (she has very little fur). She has been an amazing little addition to our tribe, I love her so much! And yes, Savannah is still a brat!

[caption id="attachment_5206" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Fun in the Sun Fun in the Sun[/caption]

I will be selling my Claramae soon...that's my guitar for those of you that are just joining us. I found out, from two people that I trust (and know what they're talking about) that there is too much wrong with it to be a good learning instrument or a good instrument period. I knew there had to be something else going on there, I just knew it couldn't be that hard!! So, while Claramae was my first, she's not worth the save, and the money will go back into other funds. I am a little sad to sell her, but it's for the greater good of my tribe (& their ears) & my poor little fingers. You will be missed're so purty!

[caption id="attachment_5208" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Ya ole stinker Ya ole stinker[/caption]

On the other hand, I was able to play a friends' Ukulele at the RTR and fell instantaneously in love with it.... so I am awaiting the arrival of my Anuenue Akua (pronounced AA-Nuw-eh-Nuw-eh-aa-KUW-aa)...I am very very excited!

I'm afraid that's all you'll be getting out of me this time, but I figured if I didn't just sit down and put some words on my "paper screen", I never would.

I hope all of you that are dealing with horrible weather are keeping safe and warm and those of you in the better weather...Wear your sunscreen, wear your hats and have fun keeping the sunshine out of your face and the sand out of your van!

Until next time my peeps

Much Love & Peace




  1. One reason we follow your posting is that we started out in a van near your Shaver Lake location (Wishon/Courtwright area) last year. Alas, had to go back to work at a "real" job. But, we love hearing about new places you visit. Missed those months you were gone.

  2. No worries. I'll takes what I can gets.

    -25 last week. 10+ inches expected tonight.

    I hope you're somewhere warm.

  3. Well, we were warm...then the winds picked up about 4 days ago and has not stopped. Although it's 85 in the van, it's 53 outside and with the chilly 20-35 mph winds it feels much colder. Been van-ridden for days now and needing the feel to stand up (straight) and stretch it out. We'll get through it, just another Winter in the desert we guess!

  4. Happy to hear I haven't lost you guys! I'll get back in the swing of it, just gotta loosen up my mind (and fingers) to let it just flow out again! Thanks for hanging in there with us!

  5. Hey hey happy to see you on a roll again.
    Always like to see what you two are up to.
    In my next life I'm thinking of combining a van life and a houseboat life somewhere around the Colorado River lakes. Mohave, Mead, Havasu or Powel. About a 25 foot boat on a trailer. Tow it to one of the lakes and spend the summer there. Transfer the photovoltaics from van to boat and back again. Maybe a small motorcycle for groceries. But then again I'm in Thailand so that's a far reach. Ha ha ha.
    Miss you guys!

  6. Oh,
    Like the new psychedelic colors on your blog here.
    Wind at your back and clear skies.

  7. Thanks for the like! I thought it needed some pepping up!! We miss you Richard!

  8. I think that sounds super swell! (no pun intended) We think of that often and while we would have to learn how to sial would love to learn to try! Sounds like you may have to return to us to maybe try it for yourselves!! You are missed and thought of often my friend.Aloha

  9. You look great in short hair! I get the urge every couple of years to go short then hate my life for like a year. I just don't have the feratues for it. My faves are Feb, May (cute shot) and now. You look great as a blonde and a redhead. It's no fair!