Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WE GOT A NEW VAN!!!...well, kind of!!

I have been putting this post together for quite some time, and for this reason or that, it wasn't ready to post...but now I feel like it's ready to be turned loose!

So...with no more hesitation

I introduce...

Joon van Spirit 2014 Edition

[caption id="attachment_5292" align="aligncenter" width="502"]made ya look... made ya look...[/caption]
C' think I'd give up all this hard work that easily? I think not...right away...  tee hee

Pressing the refresh button on Joon, had much involved, with James doing about 98.9% of the work. For those of you that might have missed the post I did about some of the updates to Joon, here is a snippet of that post:

  • New Radiator

  • New Water Pump

  • New Rancho shocks (front)

  • Suspension Belt

  • AC Pump (done in the shop)

  • Power Steering Pump (done in the shop)

  • Put “pucks” in front, lifting it about 5 inches

  •  New shackles in back

[caption id="attachment_5240" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Before & After Shackles Before & After Shackles[/caption]

  •  New Leaf Springs (5 instead of 3)

[caption id="attachment_5241" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Before & After Leaf Springs Before & After Leaf Springs[/caption]

  •  New Rancho shocks (back)

[caption id="attachment_5243" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Before & After Shocks Before & After Shocks[/caption]

  •  All three components together on back of van

[caption id="attachment_5242" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Shocks, Springs, Shackles Shocks, Springs, Shackles[/caption]
The last 2 1/2 months of our upgrade were dedicated more to working, saving, buying, then waiting for our purchase. Those items included:

  • FRIDGE ~ 33 qt. Dometic by Waeco

Fridge link~

We got a fridge!!!
We got a fridge!!!

  • All NEW bedding: 4 inch, 4 lb. density memory foam, that sits on top of two (side by side) self-inflating, sleeping pads. We bought a pump that can inflate and deflate the bed much better and faster than we can, and everything rolls up together now!! (see picture below)

Air Pad Link ~

[caption id="attachment_5262" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Opening my dream Rollin' in my dream[/caption]

  • Replaced the windshield

[caption id="attachment_5264" align="aligncenter" width="245"]Merry Christmas to my face! Merry Christmas to my face![/caption]

  • Motorcycle hitch that fits the van perfectly with a 600 lb. tow capacity, and will carry the dirt bike & bicycles...oh did I mention we also got a dirt bike!?!

[caption id="attachment_5271" align="aligncenter" width="573"]vroom...vroom vroom...vroom[/caption]
and last but not least...

  • TIRES!!!!

[caption id="attachment_5283" align="aligncenter" width="574"]Joon gets new treads Joon gets new treads[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5287" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Our Big O ! Our Big O ![/caption]
 In between the buying and the receiving of the big items, James tightened up a few last things:

New back brake pads and drums

[caption id="attachment_5295" align="aligncenter" width="474"]No more popping! No more popping![/caption]
 Applied square U-bolts to back doors; 4 on driver side for chairs & 2 on passenger side for gas can

[caption id="attachment_5301" align="aligncenter" width="586"]Square U-bolts in action! Square U-bolts in action![/caption]
 And other than a couple of other small changes, that we've made since getting back on the road, that's about it!

Joon's "junk in her trunk" (the big hump on top of the van) has lost some of her height, but her curves remain! Once we were back on the road, we did even more rearranging, reorganizing and even tossing some more things out... just these little things have made our journey much more manageable.

So, NOW...

I introduce to you

the NEW

Mack Daddy version

of our Joon van Spirit

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

[caption id="attachment_5305" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Joon van Spirit Joon van Spirit[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5306" align="aligncenter" width="384"]2014 Joon van 2014 Joon van[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5307" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Joon van Spirit Joon van Spirit[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5308" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Joon van Spirit Joon van Spirit[/caption]
My tribe is pretty stoked on what we shall conquer in 2014 with Joon van Spirit.

The van, The Man and the girls are all pretty happy campers....can't ask for too much more than that!

[caption id="attachment_5315" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Happy Campers Happy Campers[/caption]
Peacefully wishing you blue skies & clear windshields!

[caption id="attachment_5314" align="aligncenter" width="567"]Enjoy the view, it goes by fast Enjoy the view, it goes by fast[/caption]
 peace tribe