Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by!
We are just a couple of bohemians moving through the 21st Century.
We have been full-timing in our 1995 Chevy Astro, aka Joon van Spirit, since June 2012.

Our tribe consists of myself, a devoted wife with a good sense of humor (needed) & fashion...(I still love to feel good in "my stuff") also writer of this blog. 

My easy going, handsome hubby who can make anyone smile, and thankfully, mechanically inclined 

and two lil nuggets of love,
... Savannah ...
 Our smart, pretty huntress that loves her Daddy more than anything

... Chili Moon ...
Our sweet little quirky "granny", who always puts a smile on our faces & a giggle in the air

 Come along with us and enjoy the ride.
peace, tribe

~Wandering like a Gypsy and loving like a Hippie has brought me together with a soul I thought I'd never find. Together we shall conjure up a journey that will last us a million lifetimes and we'll enjoy every single one of them together!



  1. Hey guys! Do you have a video on your solar install or set up??

    1. Not yet but we can make one! Great idea! May take a couple of days to get everything in there and editing but we will make one and post here as well as on Youtube channel CheapRVLiving! Thanks Joey for the question!

  2. Sorry to hear Kalani decided not to come back. Sounds like you got all the bad stuff over with for the year. Chin up. One door closes and a better one opens up. Rick and I hope to meet you at the RTR. holliday@thebestsoapcompany.com

  3. Hi there!

    My name is Bridget and I'm a Casting Producer at High Noon Entertainment, the producers of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" and TLC's "Cake Boss".

    I came across your website and now I can say I am a fan! I want to live the gypsy life now!

    We are currently looking for people who are living off-the-grid for a major network series. We are in the development and casting process but I'd love to hop on a phone call and learn more about you both, if interested.

    If yes, let me know, and we can set something up this week or early next! Please get back to me when you can!


    Bridget Kenna / Casting Producer

    HIGH NOON ENTERTAINMENT / www.highnoontv.com

    O: (303) 872-8578 / E: bkenna@highnoontv.com

  4. Hi , my name is Swaminathan from INDIA (south India).
    I am 33, I used to work in various fields such as BPO’s, Internet research, soft skill training, Actor, Director etc .. and in particular I worked in two Tamil Movies as Associate Director that are feature films. I love the van life, I try to live van life every chance I get. Its almost a taboo to live that way for folks around here. You can probably google and check to see that there is not one soul in India who lives the vanlife and shares their life experience. I consider myself as a Universal Citizen and God knows i like traveling and meeting new people and I love the vanlife. I like what you do with your videos for the van life community. I am more like Tamra in your videos, I like her. I would like to help build and assist and contribute in anyway in the Journey in return for the vanlife-experience and meeting amazing people like the Lee, Teshia, Cami etc there in the USA, which I would cherish and come back to India and continue doing as I would like to be the pioneer here for vanlife living and let the folks know that there is this alternate living and that’s even better.

    It would be a dream come true for me to visit the country and learn and live the vanlife with you lovely folks. And even make a video episode of the visit which would be funtastic.

    I Look forward to talking to you about that.

    Awaiting reply.



    My E-mail: swaminathan.srikanthan@gmail.com