Friday, September 20, 2013

Computer Update

Hello, hello everyone!!

The update on my computer situation:

She's broken., hiss booooo.

Turns out my graphics card has gone to poop and every time I turn on my computer, it white screens on me. I talked to quite a few people at Best Buy, because I was hoping someone would give me an answer I actually wanted to hear...but no, they all said the same thing, "That would be your graphics card, Miss."

We tried many, many things to make it work...even if just for a moment and BAM! We got white screened every time.

The good news?

We were able to start it in safe mode last weekend and I was able to save the pictures, videos, documents, etc., that I was so sad that I would lose. So to me, that is awesome news. I did not want a new computer, for a few reasons. I really like my laptop, it's mine! I've worked really hard on my awesome sticker collection on the cover. I know how to use it, I know where everything is and it does exactly what I need it to do. And it's only about two years old, so it's not like it's old or anything!

We will be shopping around for a new one but probably not getting a new one until around November, due to finances and a million other things that need to come in front of a new laptop. That's the sucky part...but J' has let me use his computer when he is not working on it or when he is gone during the day (he has picked up some work from a friend during the week). He's a real sweetie! It's all good though, I've been focusing more on practicing my guitar, spending more time with Savannah, although she's not too fond of that! And I've been working don't piss me off!!! haha I showed my muscles to J' last night and he was like, "Whoa,'re getting ripped!" I giggled.

All in all, things have been up, things have been down and they've been allllll around a few dozen times but we are still healthy, happy and just getting through this "phase" of life right now.

There are a ton of positives on the horizon for us and each day we get closer to being able to leave the Bay area and get back to our life on the road, with like-minded people and the awesome taste and feel of true freedom.

Keep the good juju chugging along out there for us and don't give up on us.

With your love, support and laughter, everything is going to be just fine!

Thank you for keeping us close in thought. The positive energy is truly felt.

Love ya'll


P.S. I can't wait to be able to post pics again!! hee hee