Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9, 10 & we gotta do it again

July 9~All I can say at this moment in time is, I'm glad we are up in the mountains. We had to go back down to 'the city' to get some things done. We had to send our solar panel back for it was not serving the purpose we bought it for. I had a list of stuff to do and J' did off to hell we went. I looked at the weather before we went down to prepare myself for what was to come, but I don't think anything can really prepare you for 106 degree temperatures...other than being in air conditioning! It took us 2.5 hours to load up Joon Van, from pretty much empty to everything we own...good lord what a mess! Even as organized as I could get it,(which is pretty damn organized, I should be a professional!) there was crap falling on top of everything else when we would turn a corner...yes, we are looking into containers and other types of storage but solar comes first (cha-ching)! We packed up and hit up town to see if we could find Bob & Miss Cherry, we did. We asked them if they needed anything and chit-chatted for about 20 minutes and then we were are on our way. My main objective of going into town was to find a knit shawl type pull-over thing...I knew what I was looking for, something to put over top of me when the sun starts dropping that has sleeves but not tight sleeves and I wanted it to be knit so I could get the breeze through it still...okay, whatever. I know what I want and when I see it, I'll know, I just don't know how to explain what it is.  Anyway, I wanted to hit up thrift stores and already had some scoped out (found them on Yelp). On our way down the mountain, we stopped in Prather, just a little town in the middle of the mountains. We wanted to check out their Army Surplus store for more durable jackets for me (and for J) when it does become necessary to have a jacket. I have a really nice jacket, but there are a few things that make it not really functional out here. One~ it's a really pretty light lilac color...dirt will definitely be shown and probably won't come out, due to just how much dirt is up here, it gets on EVERYTHING and fast too. Two~ It's down, ya know with feathers. I've already punctured it once when we were scraping trailers. It's very 'light-weight' for the ruggedness out here, I don't want to be worried everytime I run into something (yes, that happens a lot) or if something snags on it. I just need something a little more functional and rugged than my pretty purple jacket...but I do need something that keeps me that warm, because my little purple jacket is probably the warmest jacket I've ever owned, thanks mom(down to -20 degrees). So give me, function, fashion and warmth and we'll be talkin'! Back to the Army store...they did have a jacket, it was a small, great color for out here but it was yet still too big. Guess we'll have to keep looking.  We both really hadn't eaten yet so we stopped at a Chipotle and grabbed a bite. I actually shouldn't say, just stopped in, due to every single part of the mall parking lot that is in the same area being closed off for pouring new asphalt (or however they do it). They had the whole entire parking lot, front and back closed off for this, with the exception of about 20 spots in front of Chipotle. Now where do you think everyone that had to go to wherever else on a Monday at lunch time was going to park? Yep, in front of Chipotle! Since it is a treat for us to 'come to town', we were really craving some Chipotle steak burritos, so we parked at Ihop on the other side of the mall and walked...and yes, it was about 104 outside at this time...special! As always though, it was delicious and now with our bellies full we can focus on our needs. We drove to our Wal-mart we usually stay at when we're down there. J' went inside to grab some ice for Nana...gotta set up her AC unit if we're going to be in and out all day...and I went to The Goodwill that was just next door. I had read that this Goodwill was pretty pricey for a thrift store and I do have to agree. I know it's a thrift store, but hence the name, if we wanted to pay like close to full price we'd just go get it new. And for such a BIG store, it seemed almost half empty and mostly just kitchenware and furniture, really no clothes. I am quite the thrifty shopper so I have a way I go through the racks, you could call me Turbo Thrift, like Tokyo Drift haha. I know what I'm looking for and you better get out of my way or else you might find yourself in the aftermath of the Turbo Thrift, haha. I know I'm ridiculous, thank you. Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I did find a camo (long-john) shirt that I couldn't pass on, it was only $2.00, so I splurged! haha J' and I met back up at the van, I'm sure he could have spent a lot longer in Wal-mart but we were both so worried about Nana...even with the ice, you just never know. (We do TONS of checks on her, even when we're not gone for very long...doesn't make much for a day trip but I'd rather have my bug than ...whatever). Now that we had ice, we could start our day. We hit up another thrift store, a Salvation Army. I found a couple of pull-over knit sweaters here, they are super soft and I love the colors. On our way to The Salvation Army I saw some neon writing on some windows that said, "WE DO SOLAR". We popped into Energy House to ask some questions about solar for the van, the guy said they only do homes and other buildings...good to know. We had to go to Office Max and a postal place to get our old solar panels in the mail and after we did all that, we were pretty much right next to the Fashion Fair Mall. We needed to get some stuff done with Verizon so we figured we would just go to the Verizon kiosk in there. We spent about an hour with Verizon changing some things, turns out they just rolled out new plans on the 29th of June and now we are actually saving like 20 bucks with a way better plan. *All of you Verizon customers or customers that aren't happy with your current service provider...go in and have them revamp your plan. Even if it's the same plan, they will save you money!* Of course since we were already in the mall, we walked it and the girl in me just HAD to go into this Forever 21 they have. It's two delicious floors of everything a girl could want for...I was only able to do half of the first floor (J' wasn't too enthused about the whole thing). I did however find a major ganga though. All of their sale items is buy one get one free AND I found exactly what I was looking for...twice! I spent like $11.00, how freakin' rad man! I know, like I need more clothes but I was looking for this exact type top and I got it, so I don't feel bad... at all. Plus, J' really liked what I got, so that's a plus. I have learned that if he doesn't like it, I'll probably never wear it...I don't like the question,"You're gonna wear that?" or "Is that what you're wearing?" Two questions I don't think any girl takes lightly...anyway... don't you love my tangents? haha We left the mall and went to Taco Smell to get something for dinner and it was only about 25 minutes to The Bachelorette but something went off in me and I had a total meltdown about the drive-thru and we weren't even at Taco bell yet...don't ask. Finally, we had food and were in our Wal-mart parking lot, took down the bed and turned on the TV. Due to my meltdown, we missed all of the dates but were able to see the final rose ceremony. Just to say it, this girl doesn't know what she wants and I think she made a big mistake but also I think it's just a show and they have to go with ratings. So dancing with the sheep we go...

July 10~ I woke up to tow truck driver brakes, he was parking a few spots right behind us, positioned perfectly for checking plates and doing paperwork...hmm I didn't like the vibe, although he was just sitting there (in the shade)...only shady spots on this side of the parking lot, but I still didn't like it. I moved us to the far side of the parking lot under another tree, set-up Nana and off to Wal-mart we went. It's about 8:30 a.m. at this point and there are so many people in there already as well as stockers, stocking shelves (why aren't they doing that at mid-night?)... oh and they are also out of 80% of what we needed. I felt another meltdown coming on (gotta love those hormones), so I told J' we had to go to another store, he saw it coming too and away we went. I was able to get him some breakfast goodies for his birthday though!

[caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Where's the bacon? Damn![/caption]

We hit up Home Fabrics again for a back support for J'. He sits in the van all day due to the reflection on his screen and since it's all hard wood in the van, it doesn't make for comfortable daily sitting, so we got him a foam pad for his booty. He was able to cut some of it off to fit in the 'seat' and use that for his back, so we were able to get 2 supports for 1...what a Ganga! Actually it was a little pricey but if it's going to help him in the long (& short) run, then I'm all for it. We hit up a laundromat, a different one than previously. It's pretty much right next to the Wal-mart we stay at, instead of on the other side of town. We figured we would try to have Savannah sit in there with us because it's just so hot outside (now 106) and she did wonderful. There was a chair in the corner that she slept in the whole time...didn't make one peep. 

I was so proud of her and for that we had to celebrate with milkshakes from Carl's Jr. haha I told you whenever you get your ice get it! J' is always telling me that he's never going to lose weight if I don't stop wanting (and getting) ice cream and chocolate all the time. It's actually not all the time, but when I want it (about one week a month) I want it and I want alllll of it, so watch out! haha After our milkshake showdown we headed 'home' and what a great place to be going. Our home; where there are no people. Only us, the nature and the animals. The weather is nicer & cooler and there is no money to be spent. We have time to do the things we want to do and time to make up more things to do. I love our little 'home' and everything that comes with it (or doesn't come with it). This is the place where we belong and I'm so glad that we have the opportunity to keep learning that.


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