Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What did we ever do without the Internet??

I know you've missed me and I've missed you, sorry I haven't been posting. My apologies. I actually have been posting just on My Documents due to us having no internet signal at all! Yes, it certainly has sucked...I don't want you to think I've forgotten about you or that our journey has ended or anything else you're crazy little mind thought up...NO, I did not just call you crazy, sorry. I have been up to something else, as you may have noticed by now...I changed the blog over to my very own site! It's been exciting, nerve-racking, irritating, fun, frustrating and lots of other things, and it still is an ongoing learning process. There are many things I don't know how to do that the hubs has been helping me with and lots of stuff I'm learning to do on my own. I'm actually pretty darn proud of what I've accomplished in the past couple of days (when I did have internet and yes, still not posting...I was enthralled, okay!). I hope you guys like it too, after all that was one of the main reasons I jumped over here, was to be easier on you guys...so I hope it is. This is definitely still a work in progress but if you have any suggestions or anything I should add, Please, Please let me know...Thank you!! When we woke up to no internet, I have been sitting here catching up on posts and other things, so you have much to read (or already have) ...So here we are again! The night of the 23rd, that would be yesterday, I tried to make the potatoes and onions we made the other night but actually had a little bit more structure to it this time. I diced the potatoes and onions and put them in foil first (last time they were cooked halfway through then he put everything in the foil)

[caption id="attachment_290" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Aww yeah buddy[/caption]

and seasoned them with salt, pepper and a little bit of butter, then some cajun for him and Mediteranean Sea Salt for me ~ made them into a little pocket and threw them on the grill.

[caption id="attachment_291" align="aligncenter" width="300"] His & Hers[/caption]

I put the chicken on~ little bit of butter, cajun for him, Med. Sea Salt for me, about halfway into the pockets being on. I cooked the pockets for 35 minutes and everything turned out just perfect! Everything was cooked all the way through, everything was moist, everything was delicious...it was awesome! I'm no cook, but it's kind of fun when the food turns out!

[caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Come to mama'[/caption]

It was pretty filling too, so that made us both happy. One large potato, one regular sized yellow onion and a piece of chicken (one for each) = a great and easy meal anyone can cook...believe me! haha
Today, July 24th has been full of absolutely nothing. Internet is down. J' can't work, I can't catch up on any posts, work on the new blog site or play Bingo on Facebook! haha Don't judge! OH, I did however transform part of our campsite into a Yoga Studio though!!! I am super pysched about it! This is how it all started...
We had our main rug/mat that goes in the "cabin" of Joon Van out on the big rock out here. I had taken it out to shake it and it just ended up staying out there. J' had been using it to do some push-ups and I had been using it as a Yoga mat. J' likes it in the van (and so do I) because it's nicer on our knees and feet (remember you cannot stand up in our van). J' put it back in the van, leaving me with no way to Yoga. I did not do Yoga for a couple of days then we got the solar...these solar panels are pretty big which means...yes you smarty pants, big boxes. Not only did these panels have big boxes they also had big pieces of styrofoam inside!! When I saw everything lying there after the install, a lightbulb went off...or on, whatever. I asked J' to not break them down anymore than he already had, I was going to use them. This morning when I woke up, I needed to do Yoga so I got the box, two pieces of styrofoam and the tape and for a flat place I scavenged, I found one just on the other side of our camp...perfect!! I laid it out a couple of different ways but went with the first way I had it laid. I taped the cardboard to the styrofoam so I wouldn't trip myself up (you know this happens) and ran out of clear tape just right before I was finished so I got a piece of gorilla tape and finished her off.

[caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Work in Progress[/caption]

After the taping process, it still didn't look finished to me, so I grabbed the fitted camo sheet and wrapped it around the cardboard...It fit just right! I put some rocks around the edges to push it down because it was popping up a bit...didn't want to trip.

[caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Serenity Now[/caption]

I sat down to start my stretches when it dawned on me, I need a koozy for my water bottle. My water always sits in the sun and bakes, by the time I want a drink it's pretty warm...yucky. I dug a hole, put my water bottle inside of it, then started stacking rocks in a circle around it until the whole thing was pretty much in a hole....I made a rock koozy!

[caption id="attachment_299" align="aligncenter" width="300"] View from above[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_300" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Prehistoric Koozy[/caption]

So it's a pretty sweet little set up I made myself, I call it Lulu Lounge! haha Pretty sweet. I did get a little bit of Yoga done but I started too late and by the time I was 15 minutes in, I was starving... no energy. I went back over to camp and had my first white peach...and it was sooo yummy!

[caption id="attachment_301" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ZaZa the succulent peach[/caption]

The rest of the day was hit (very little hit) & miss with the internet. J' didn't get any work done, although he did get some of his audio book listened to. I was able to catch up on all of my posts...again I apologize (I had to catch up on 6-7 posts). We took a walk over to visit Bob & Miss Cherry, it's about a good 10 minute walk. We also wanted to see if they were having internet problems, making sure it wasn't just us...they were having the same problems, good (in a way). We also wanted to invite them over for dinner tomorrow night, I mean it is my birthday, so there's total cause for celebration! I think J' and I are going into Shaver Lake and we're going to restock on some things but also just spend the day together (like really together) and enjoy ourselves, then dinner in the evening. I feel like my birthday has already come and gone but who doesn't like to celebrate? And after all it is my Sweet (second) Sixteen!

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  1. Looking good sista! You've been working hard on the blogging. I hope your Birthday was super duper. ;)
    I've added your blog to the home screen on my iPod, that way I can go straight to it easily. As much as Charlie steals it from me, I won't be surprised if he ends up commenting on your blogs too!! His will be toddler speak...
    Love ya bunches!!!!