Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Sorry to say, but you will probably have to wait a day or two more for an actual post. We got our solar in!!!!! It's in the process of being installed, buttoned up and working...and my computer is running off the power from a couple of days ago and with this crap battery, I probably won't have long tonight before it goes out. I wanted ya'll to know, though, that our power/energy problem is fixed. I think you will be excited right alongside us for our new solar and's pretty exciting stuff man! I am also changing some things with my blog, but don't worry everything should be just fine...we won't lose each other, I promise! Also, we went grocery shopping and I have a whole other "lifestyle" I'm starting. It should be interesting for me, er us...okay mostly him, but he's always been one to stand by my side, so.....

Alright until (hopefully) tomorrow, when I have more juice and I can sit down and think about the last time I wrote, we shall meet again.

Until, then Have a Hippy kinda Sunday Funday ya'll!!


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