Monday, July 16, 2012

Enough, I say...E-nough.

Not much is going on but I figured I'd write anyway...I can always find something to write about! We need to find some more creative food/meal ideas. Here's an example of our meals throughout the day. Breakfast~ Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon added to our liking, sometimes butter if we have it on deck. Lunch~ pre-made tuna sandwich; chicken salad from can sandwich; peanut butter & jelly sandwich which I cannot eat Peanut Butter anymore...yep, it's a stinker. Dinner~ if we didn't have one of the previous sandwiches for lunch, we will make it for dinner, sometimes we dive into our Mountain House for a deluxe meal. I'm just telling you, this girl (pointing to me) needs to eat more than that a day, okay! My metabolism is faster than a cheetah trying to tackle a zebra! Right now we are pretty much eating what we had stored at our house before we left or stuff that was in our cabinets. A couple of weeks ago we bought some spaghetti noodles and sauce. The sauce is long gone but we have been using the noodles to mix with other things we have like, white chicken chili or this other chipotle chili we have. We are running out of food, but we are also running out of ideas. I have been looking up recipes but I'm running into a couple of problems; 1~ the recipe calls for either baking or refrigerating or both during or after cooking/baking it. 2~ We would love for meals to go a long way, but we only have a cooler that uses ice, our 2 blocks of ice seem to be gone within 3-4 days. 3~ I don't want to buy a bunch of ingredients I will only use in the one recipe. 4~ I'm not a creative cook, I cook out of necessity, not out of a fun time. We both want to either grab and go or like ten minutes max on things...I'm willing to change this... if necessary. I have been looking into different types of milk, mostly soy or almond milk that does not need refrigeration and trying to find recipes that I can make without throwing the cookware at a tree...I told you I'm not a cook! haha We have been eating cup-o-noodles (sounds tasty huh?), the easy mac and hamburger helper mini's...I think we may just start buying regular boxes of mac 'n' cheese now that we are sitting still...the noodles are always still crunchy in those little things because we don't have a microwave. I would love to get some kind of meat. Right now, that would be amazing to be grilling up some chicken or something...yummy! And my body is always craving fruits and veggies. I would love to have a salad every single day, like I used to make back home...I can make salads! I have been having dreams of gorging myself on salad, I think it's time! Miss Cherry gave me a couple of pieces of fruit a couple of weeks ago. Eating that peach was almost orgasmic and the plum was pretty good too, she got them from the market here at Shaver Lake. You know they are good when they are grown right around the corner, literally. They smelled so good, I couldn't stop smelling them, Miss Cherry said, "I'm sure there's more if you want some." haha Like I'd never seen a peach in my life! It was pretty funny. With the whole eating thing, it's a lot easier for J' to eat than me...he'll eat just about anything. Me...I'm a picky eater but for a reason. My stomach does not digest foods the same way as everyone else, there are certain things I do not like and certain things my stomach does not like, then there's both. For a while now, I get sick everytime I eat peanut butter. I thought it was just something else I had eaten with it...I LOVE Peanut Butter. I stopped eating it for a while and the other night I had a peanut butter sandwich, and not that much so I wouldn't be that sick...low and behold, there I was... sick. I told J' to not let me have Peanut Butter again, no matter how much I said it wouldn't affect me. Eggs do the same thing and there are others but I'm not going to list all of my problem foods...bor-ing. So if I could get some recipes or ideas for stuff you don't have to put in the oven, rather not have to melt anything and all of that on the stove-top either, but I guess I might have to do some work, not refrigerate then I'd be golden. There has to be something out there than just bread that we can eat for a snack! haha I think this is the sadest post yet! As I'm posting this, a friend just sent me a link that is on this very topic. So with that I'm out!

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