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Well, I think I just need to write every single day because going back and trying to remember, even from pictures, is getting a little blurred. This post may be a little longer than most...maybe not, I don't know. At this point I don't think it really matters! haha Well we got to Tai Shan, that's what I named our spot. We got to Tai Shan mid afternoon on July 1, we pretty much just unloaded and danced with the sheep. On the 2nd, we woke to beautiful weather, surprised... I know. I was finally able to catch up with family and friends via the web and get some pictures out on the phone as well, to of course brag of our new home! Miss Banana Boat has to be tied up here due to the excessive amounts of underneath sides of rocks that I can't see (that's where snakes...rattlesnakes, like to hang out). Plus there are so many nooks and crannies around here that she can get lost in or get hurt in and god only knows what else is out here to gobble her up! So for my sanity, she stays on a long tether for now. She's pretty happy though, she has all the sticks in the world to break apart.

[caption id="attachment_766" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Don't look so defeated lil' bug[/caption]

We set up the solar shower so we could have the most purest of all cleanings and I tell you what... Not that I want to become a nudist or anything but I could get used to showering in the nature like that. It's actually very freeing for the soul, and of course I have the hubby keeping an eye out for any wandering hikers or eyes...his are okay!

We set up a little gym with 15 lb. weights, push-up bars and a jump rope...gotta stay healthy no matter where you are. We have our solar weather radio out and charging along with our solar panel on top of the van charging up our battery system.

 SoulRaven came over and paid us a little visit with Zeke, his pup, and we talked (in the sun) for a couple of hours...later tomorrow we would see results of this! While we were talking to him, we got on the subject of being more level and maybe moving the van. When our conversation was over, we bit the bullet and decided to move over to one of the granite slabs in front of where we were. The move took us about an hour, we had to get level! I think we used every log in the near vicinity to make ourselves level, but finally we were able to do it with the two biggest pieces of wood (other than the trees) that were on the ground.

In doing this, we also found a cute little snake, a Rubber Boa. They are the friendliest of the Boa family.

Our new site is much more like home for some reason, maybe it's the granite slabs... it's not so dirty. I don't know but I love it here! We have this whole place totally to ourselves, it's pretty amazing.

On the 3rd, J' worked on his stuff. I worked on my blog for all you awesome peeps out there and we were paid a nice visit from Bob. He asked if we wanted to have pizza together that night and if we needed to go into town for anything, he would take us when we went to get the pizza. He's a cool dude. So Bob, SoulRaven & I went into town. I was able to get fresh water, ice, & some food items and of course we got two amazing large pizzas. Man, I wish I wasn't so hungry at that moment because I didn't even think to take a picture of these pizzas. The amount of toppings on these bad boys was incredible. Thank goodness for this pizza shop, because it was awesome! We all had dinner together; J & I, Bob, Miss Cherry, and SoulRaven. It was nice to hang out again, it had been a couple of days since we were all together and SoulRaven would be leaving in the morning...he'll be back of course, but it's always nice to hang with friends.

On the 4th, we celebrated quietly. Not much going on around these parts until the weekend. I messed around with the tri-pod, taking pictures all over the campsite. Miss Cherry and I had a good laugh about those pictures! I'm a dork, that's all. So Happy belated 4th to and yours. And the sunsets here are just so purty.

The 5th...the 5th is the day I lost all together I guess...? I lost a day somewhere so I'm going to blame it on the 5th...or I could blame it on Bob! He blamed me for him being late the other it's his fault! haha I think all I did that day was give myself a spa day...Tai Shan Spa Day! I gave myself a full pedi and mani...mostly to hide the dirt!

And the 6th, the 6th was a good day. We figured out that we are going to get a new solar system... not like The Solar System with the planets and solar (the sun charging stuff) system, for those of you who do not live out of your vehicle! haha Our system is just too proprietary and would cost an arm and a leg to get what we truly need to charge our system. Right now we are using a generator that SoulRaven is letting us use until he gets back in a couple of weeks, until we can ship out the old and get in the new. Thanks SoulRaven, it's been a huge help! Bob & Miss Cherry invited us over for dinner, so Bob came and picked us up (our spot is not really an easy in-n-out kinda spot & I think Bob likes our spot) and we went to their new casa for dinner. They really have a nice area, it sits up on a hill. They have their camping space and then if you walk down this little hill it just opens right up into open air where all you can see is mountain range upon mountain range, millions of trees (& one big dead one, haha)...oh it's just beautiful. I named it, Meditation Point...yes I like to name things if you haven't already caught on to that!).

[caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Hello Mr. Dead Tree, in the way of all of the good pics![/caption]

We had dinner~ taco soup with cheese and tortilla chips, cornbread (Bob made from the SunOven) which he also made brownies from too. Everything was just delicious and it rocks to have awesome company as well.

[caption id="attachment_788" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Homer is ecstatic![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Tony is da' lil' man![/caption]

After dinner we walked down to Meditation Point and just talked, as friends do. I love hanging out with them, they are just the nicest people ever. It was nice to have some girl time with Miss Cherry, girls have to be girls ya know!

After dessert we hit up the local store for some things and Bob dropped us home.

[caption id="attachment_795" align="aligncenter" width="225"] haha I like the picture at the bottom[/caption]

Today was much of the same. J' worked and looked more into our solar system. I yapped on the phone to my momma, texted with Brooks, played and ran around with Savannah, made a new fort with the sheet and an awning and practiced on Claramae (my guitar) a little bit. Now we are just chillin' in Joon Van. J' is trying to find the Sonnen/Silva fight (our connection isn't really fast enough to stream it Live for some reason, works for The Bachelorette?) and I am catching up on this, so I don't go crazy anymore trying to remember, haha. I am also waiting to see if we will see any fireworks, they are having a HUGE fireworks show tonight at Shaver Lake and since we sit right over top of it...well, like 5 miles away, and it's commercial grade, I'm hoping to see some. I love me some fireworks...BOOM! It's getting to be totally dark, so wish us both luck that we get to see what we want tonight. I guess from here, it all comes down to Boom Boom Pow!!!

[caption id="attachment_796" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Giddy as a school girl[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_797" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I got some schlock, lock BOOM![/caption]


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