Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nana makes a scene...and I'm clean!

We went back to the park today (The Colorado River Heritage Park and Trails). We parked in the same RV spot we were in the other day, turned out to be a good spot. We walked the trail a little short of half way down, there was a crew of construction workers (surprised!? haha) tearing out a bunch of brush from the side of the trail the river was on. I guess they want to make it more easy on the eyes. We walked past them and then stood and watched some birds hanging out on a power line.

The thing that made us stop and stare for as long as we did was these weren't regular birds you would see on a power line, they looked like Ducks! We watched as one by one, these birds, Ducks, whatever, would come in for a landing, wobble a little and sit there to chill. It was so weird, we didn't know Ducks could sit on a line like that...how do they grab the line if they have webbed feet?

This guy, who was walking on the path, stopped and told us if we come early in the morning there's like 50 of them. I asked if he knew what they were and he said some kind of crane. Hmmm, okay!? We turned and walked back toward the van. As we were getting situated for morning rituals and work, we saw that same guy walking toward the van, then he would stop and walk back the other way, then toward the van...almost like he was going to come talk to us and then changed his mind. He did this a good 6-7 times and then J' saw him talking to a couple that was walking past him, he pointed something out to them, they stopped took a picture of something and both went separate ways. J' said, "Go over there and see what they were taking pictures of..." Okay. I walked over there and since I didn't see the whole thing go down, I was looking at the van, up in the air, in the mountains. Finally J' came over and said, "He was pointing at the ground." As soon as he said that, we both looked down and Boom! That was definitely something to take a picture of!

[caption id="attachment_2640" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Fast lil guy![/caption]

This little guy was so fast that I stopped trying to take pictures and took a video instead...

(133) Mr. Tarantula by Ayevangabond

After our run-in with the fast lil' spider, J' got started on his work day and I felt quite dirty so I gathered up my stuff and headed for the ladies room. I take all of my stuff in my big bag (I call a purse) along with a gallon jug of water and I'm just a walk away from being clean again. I have really gotten over the whole "showering in public" thing. Sure there are those twinges of, "Oh my gosh, what if people think I'm homeless, what if people stare, or hear me in the stall?" Ya know what...I would rather get a couple stares from complete strangers then feel gross and dirty and feel like I stink...even though I don't...I don't, ask J'!! That's one thing I'm happy about, I do not have that stanky B.O. a lot of people have, thank goodness! So to make it easier than sitting here typing it all out, I did a short video (after my "shower") especially for those ladies that don't know where to start in the whole- I can't take a solar shower and don't have a shower in my rig- thing.  So here is that video...

(137) Showering in Public Places by Ayevangabond

The washing process only takes about 20 minutes, depending on what I have to do but I don't think that's too bad and BAM...I'm clean again! I feel so much better, awww... Time to get some things done! I worked on my blog a little bit, spicing it up a bit, changing the colors and adding some buttons...a little tweak is good here and there. Savannah and I went for a little jaunt in the field of grass. I tried to let her run off a leash, which I rarely do in public settings because she never listens to me, and of course she made me regret it about 10 whole seconds later! She bee-lined it to this construction worker (that was coming from the bathroom, walking in the field, back to his truck) barking with her hackles up, just going to town, circling him and bossing him around. Aye aye aye...how embarrassing! He just stood still and laughed at her while I hooked her back up to her leash...I tried! I don't know how to break her of that plus,  she would have never done that if Daddy were around. So, on the leash she stays with me...lil stinker!

It's starting to get dark now and we're still at the park, so we're going to start wrapping it up. We'll probably just head back down to the casino lots to catch our zzzz's for the night. Just a couple more days until Thanksgiving... is anyone doing anything fun!? Hopefully you'll get to spend time with family, friends or just people that make you happy!

We'll catch on the flip side yo'

(let me know if these videos work, please...thanks)



  1. Even with a dailymotion account all I get is a little blue box with a question mark on it. It might be my samsung tablet doesn't do that video format. Oh, well..... Lol!

  2. Ok, I figured out how to view a video! It was "operator error", not something on your end. Thanks for the showering info. I was wondering how to wash hair in the restrooms.....never thought about doing it over the toilet. I'm gonna bring my battery operated razor as a back-up method for shaving. Getting wicked excited now that we're only about a month away from our trial run to Florida! I soooo can't wait to escape this cold weather here in New Hampshire!

    Hope you guys had a pleasant and peaceful and stress-free Thanksgiving! We had to do the "family thing" again this year and I'm still recovering! Lol!

    Love ya!

  3. Hey Kalani!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you know that the videos were great. Thanks for sharing. That was a big spider. So cute too!!!

    Have a super duper day!! :-)
    Huggies to the bug. <3