Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Standing by...

Being up on this hillside has been really nice. It's pretty private up here so we have been able to take showers without feeling any peeping eyes...but who knows really! It always feels nice to get that full-on shower in though, that most times it doesn't even matter if there were. Yesterday we talked about driving into town (today) due to a phone call I didn't want to miss and our phone signal strength has been in and out roaming. We left the mountain at about 9:30 this morning. As we drove down the trail to the main road we saw some animals, at first I thought they were Burro's because of their color, but as we got closer we saw that they were just little babies. Babies of what, you ask!? Baby Bighorn Sheep...although these were Babyhorn Sheep...haha so freakin' adorable.

[caption id="attachment_2373" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Helloooo Baaabae![/caption]

While we were in the mountains we decided to bungee our trash to the top-side of the van to keep it off the ground in case animals were around. We figured if we didn't drive like crazies, we would be able to drive with the trash still up there...haha It lasted for a couple of miles until we lost one of our towels that was under the solar shower, so we pulled off onto what looked like a trail down into some other BLM land (but a little too treacherous for Joon). While J' went to secure the trash, I saw something across the desert move. I looked up and there was a big ole' Coyote. I thought to myself, if he's that big from way over here, he must be friggin' huge up close!! He turned and watched us the entire time until J' got back in the van and we started driving away. Again I wish I could get a better focused picture zoomed in, but this is what ya get...

[caption id="attachment_2375" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hey big boy[/caption] we know they are present. Like I said before, when you go so long without seeing any predatory creatures, it's kind of like they aren't around...well there ya go! Down the road we go. We weren't really sure where we were going to go just yet, so we drove through town looking at parking lots, for grocery stores and a good place to park for the day. I just wanted to get my phone call done and out of the way and then the rest of the day would be for play...hooray!!

[caption id="attachment_2376" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Thank you![/caption]

We drove through town and up to the top of this big hill where we saw a bunch of RV's parked in a 'vacant' parking lot...they had a great view.

[caption id="attachment_2377" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Parking lot with a view[/caption]

We pulled into one of the spots to take in the Laughlin scenery from above. The guy we parked next to, Butch, was just stepping out of his 42' footer when we pulled in. We had a pretty long conversation with him about different places him and his wife had been, where they were going, where we've been, etc. He told us that one of the casino's used this lot to park the bigger RV's for $7.00 a day (dry camping).

 We parted ways after a good 45 minute convo. We were going to go check out the parking lots we passed when we drove into town, there were a bunch of RV's in all of the lots. We parked under a tree (for the shade, it's much warmer down here and not as windy) to be able to take my phone call. J' took Savannah on a long walk, while I waited. After waiting and waiting and waiting, I looked down at the phone...I had a voicemail. What? My phone didn't even ring. I tried calling the lady back, no answer, her voicemail was full. I called her 23 times, finally deciding to call another number and another number and another. After being transferred back to the full voicemail 9 different times and being transferred to unhelpful people I can say I was on the edge of losing it...okay I was waaaay over the edge. I had already lost it. All I needed was a confirmation on this one phone call and could go about the rest of my day. I clinched that damn phone like it was a life for the rest of the day with no one ever calling back. J' still tried to make me enjoy my day, he's such a good hubby! We walked around the different casino's, the first one we went into was the Colorado Belle but before you enter into the building you walk on a bridge over a moat. I walked up to the wall to look over and instantly part of my day had been reignited with excitement...KOI FISH!!! Oh.My.Gosh. I LOVE Koi Fish... I mean I have one tattooed on my neck for Criminey Sake' excited!

 They even had fish who's smiling? This girl!

[caption id="attachment_2381" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Fish Frenzy[/caption]

 We walked through the casino pretty much just to get through to the Boardwalk/River Walk. It's so smoky in the casino's that if you're not playing, it's kind of hard to just walk around inside, so we headed out! The casino's sit on the Colorado River and even though the river is super low, it's still very cool!

We popped into a Mickey D's for lunch and splurged on the new "Threemendous" CBO sammies they have (Cheddar, Bacon, Onion). I got the chicken and J' got the beef...they are actually pretty darn good especially alongside a couple of apple pies! haha

[caption id="attachment_2383" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Better not be the price![/caption]

Due to the stress of the phone call we went back to the van to find a spot for the night, no sense in going back just to come back down tomorrow morning. We pulled out away from the tree, we needed sun on our panels but as we were getting into the van a guy (looked like he worked there) stopped me and told me allllll about the birds pooping on your car if you park under the trees! haha Thanks dude, very helpful. We moved over to the Pioneer parking lot, it looked like that was where the most RV's were parked.

After finding a good spot with good reception for Fox (which is thee hardest channel to find good signal for, for some reason) we took Nana on a walk around town.

[caption id="attachment_2385" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Big City[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2386" align="aligncenter" width="280"] ♫ I'll take you to the Candy Shop...let you lick the lollipop! ♫[/caption]

This is a fun little place. Hopefully I can get that phone call finished tomorrow, so I can stop thinking about it and get on with the fun stuff already! I'm just glad Savannah's not worried about it...

[caption id="attachment_2387" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hakuna Matata[/caption]




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