Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The plan is in motion

I haven't been writing lately because nothing goes on much on the daily, but hopefully that is going to change. Because our lives are changing.

We have made an almighty decision to "switch it up a bit"...to say the least! ha After much conversation & working out the (this is how I feel right now) emotions and still having the same feelings and emotions days and weeks later, we came to a decision to quit our 'jobs' and hit the road. J' has been working on some projects since 2007 and after much, much heartache and many tears, things are starting to pay off. He has found some really great tools and on his time off has been putting his head down and just working, working, working. Well, it's paying off....finally! We will be able to live on the road somewhat comfortably, until of course it gets better and then the comforts of our "home" will get better. We plan on staying here for another 2 months at least and then we will pack up Joon Van and start heading West. We don't have a specific, scheduled plan but we do have some places that we both want to go and I'm sure we will find some places along the way that we would have never visited otherwise....

... to be continued

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