Friday, May 6, 2016

*Baja~ All washed up!

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 February 22-24, 2016
I'm finding it hard to write out a post because it seems like every day is kind of the same but with different things washing ashore.
This post will be mostly pictures of things I see while on my daily walks with Chili Moon.

Chili and I are getting about 3-5 miles under our belts every day, walking the beach. We see all kinds of crazy things I've never seen before on shore, there's always something new the sea churns up.
Little green worm

These green worms were only on a small part of the beach but in that one area, were everywhere!
I almost stepped on this was still alive and churning under the water. So beautiful but I'm sure super painful!!

The best and biggest sand dollar I found!

This crab was beautiful....I guess a bird thought so too bc they had him for lunch!

Chili Moon loves chasing the birds, this has become her new thing. I don't think she really likes the birds so in her mind she's telling them to leave. It's really funny to watch her run down the beach at full speed, barking at them as they fly over her. When they fly from the sand into the water, she is actually chasing them into the water...something I thought I would never see during her lifetime. 

Chili chasing birds, running thru water by Ayevangabond  

She is getting bold and I couldn't be more proud of her for being so brave!! The other night she went in up to her neck and then as she went further and couldn't touch she started popping around like popcorn to get was pretty funny to watch. 

At first I was a little nervous and scared because she's so little, I thought the tide might wash her out if she ran in too deep, but she's getting the hang of it and not going in past her comfort level! I love watching her learn what everything is; the waves coming in and going out, the coral, the dead fish, the other dead things. With all of this dead stuff around I'm glad she's not a roller like Savannah, she just smells it and jumps away like, EW!!

All of the shells I've collected

The Vultures waiting their turn at the HUGE dead fish that washed up

Dead Blow Fish WITH eyes still in tact

A little creepy but interesting!

Very small but lethal Man 'o'war

This is why you always have to be looking down...don't want to step on one of these!! Ouch!

There is one bird, a very large Egret, that I have named Marge...because she's large and in charge. She sits in the same place between the shore and a sand bar every day, when we get close I ask Chili, "Do you want to say hello to Marge?" Chili will start walking low and slow next to my legs, like she's hunting. I'll say, Go see Marge and she'll take off like a bullet toward Marge, sometimes she barks, sometimes she just runs to her. 

Large Marge

Marge will sit for a while until Chili gets right up on her, then she'll fly further into the water...Chili will chase her as far as she can touch the sand, then she runs out of the water, running back and forth on the sand barking at her. What can I say, it's free entertainment and my Moonie is getting some great exercise out of it!

Luckily, when it was time for the full moon, the skies were so clear and watching the moon rise was pretty close to perfect!!


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